Tuesday, July 20, 2010


just got back fro m my doctor visit i left work 3 hours early today to go my one coworker my best friend actaully came in on her day off for like 45 min unitll my other coworker coudlnt get there to cover the lil time left on my shfit and thent he rest of her shift

i wore heavier shoes and drank and ate right b4 the docs and the scale said 107 lbs and they didnt question that dont u love my docs im 5'5 24 yrs old and weight 107 lbs well techncallly 103 lbs but yeah they just think its normal

my blood pressure was 130/80 guess tahts a lil high but i have high blood pressure

well neway the doc came in checke dmy lungs heart ears and nose also took my temp it was 97 which is lil low not bad but i was could it turns out that i dont have pneumonia like everyoen thought i did i just have a post nasal drip and an extremmly fast heart rate. the drip is causing my cough and chest pains/congustions so ihave meds for that i gotta do a nasal spray twice in each nostirl 2 times a day he also gave me antibotics which i have to take every 8 hours til they are gone and he told me to drink plenty of fluids more water he said specifically. when he checked my heart i told him its been bothering me and yeah he checked it and it was beating so fast hes like yeah that is beating fast he didnt say enthing else though

so guess what everyone im fine i know i should of got stuff for my depression and anxiety while i was there but yeah im not ready to let that secret out yet and they took my blood pressure over my long sleeve shirt so yeah they didnt even c my scars so yay for that

i txted the boy most of th emoirng told him about my appt what time it was what the doc said and he said good and make sure u take ur meds and i told him i was going to go to target and then stop get an icee then go home and relax he said ok tttyl im sure we will get more in depth in the convo later when he calls me b4 he goes to bed

so after docs i went to target need shampoo and conditioner and i usually buy the biolage one cause its theo nly one that doesnt make my hair fall out more but i didnt have an extra $40 to spend on this tose alone so i got treseme on $5 per bottle much better. also got some face wash and a nother bottle of my one a day sour gummy vitamins. then got 4 sobe life water 0's and a bag of lifesaver gummies sour( wante da lil treat. i also bought the runaways i i love kstew and i didnt get to c the when it was out in theaters cause yeah samll town it didnt come out here so ima watch it sometimes day. o and yeah since im 5 yrs old i got myself a pakc of silly bands the disney kind goofy is my fav so i had to get them i also stopped on the way home and got a small cheery icee been craving one

i hate being sick cause i cant work out at all so no gym for me for awhile til im better so ima try and eat a lil less to make up for that and do crunches in my room

so food log so far today

*oatmeal-120 cals
*small cup promgrante blueberry juice-50 cals

at work 10-2pm
*bottle of water
*1 cup of tomato salsa soup(made it myself)-57 cals

*cherry icee-100 cals
*life saver gummies sweet and sour-prob aroun 200ish


  1. sounds like a good intake.

  2. glad your ok =)

    what is tomato salsa soup??