Monday, July 5, 2010


ok so today pretty much fucking sucks i went over my 500 cal limit yes i know i suck at all i only went over by close to 200 so it wasnt that bad but still hate myself for it and to make matters workse my boss is a fucking asshole of a dick fuck and he can go fuck himself cause im so done as soon as i find a new job im out

c i worked there for 4 years now and i have done everything i pretty much run hes damn business for him i do everything i do my job hes job other ppls jobs cuase no1 does shit well excpet for my one coworker she helps out alot but i am pretyt much tere every day i coudl go 3 weeks straight with out a day off i kill myself for him and hes acting like a dick he had to work for me for the 2 days that i went away i wronte it doen almost 2 months in advance so he knoew but he was so pissy last week he didnt talk to me at all thats how pissy he was and then i find out today he was talking shit on me whilei was gone. one of the tanning clients came in this morning i was only there for 30 minutes it was the start of my day and everything just got ruined right then with what she told me. she said that he was complaining caus he offered to hire more ppl but me and d(coworker) said no it was ok that we wanted the hours it wasnt a big deal and hes like yeah they didnt want me to hire some1 but then she takes off an di have to work i dont wanna work she shouldnt of taken off and then i had 3 complaints aobut him cause he wasnt oding the job one client was standing there for 10 minutes waitng for him to come but he wanst doing nething he just didnt feel like wokring, he put another client in the room and realized that some1 had an appt for it and knocked on her door and made her get out instead of giving the client who had the appt a free tan and then another client wanted to buy lotion and we woudlnt give her the discount that it was suppose to b or the free tans that she is suppose to get with the purchase. god he fucked up everything ive been doing damage control and then today he has me carrying tile around and cleaning it cause he decided he wanted to tile soemting idk and then ialso had to vacuum the hole pool deckt its fucking 85 degrees int hat room and 100 degrees outside iwas fucking sweating i was all gross and it was only noon still had 3 hours left. he treats me more like hes servant hes cleaning lady hes housekeeper and not like the employee that i am. hes not gonna find neone else willing to do what i do and really i dont give a fuck right now i dont care im out of there as soon as i find another job hopefylly a better one with 40 hours a week scheudled and wkds off and vacation time and benefits cause i cant kill myself for him nemore i just cant fuck him im done.

and im all depressed cause the boys vacation is over and he goes back to work tomm which means i cant sleep next to him everyntie nemore an di cant c him everyday nemore it suck, and friday nites r our nites but i hgot a fucking wedding to go to this friday i dont even like my cousin hes an ass thinks hes gods gift news flash ur not ur and ass who cant even get a real job and u let ur girlfriend pay for everything. and who the fuck has friday nite weddings neway. but me and the boy decided thati have to go but im leaving right after dinner im not eating much and we are going to go out together when i get home so friday work til 3 wedding at 4 drive an hour to recepting dinner at 8 leave by 830-9pm then home by 10ish spend the nite with the boy.

its just so hard being away from him i hate being away from him i just gotta make it these next 3 weeks he has nother week off the end of july we are planning a day trip to an amusemtn park and amyb one nite we are going to drive to philly to watch a phillies game

i sat done today and made my gorcery list going to go sometimes tomm the plan is to get
*vitamin water 0
*salad mix
*3 cucumbers
*tuna fish
*frozen veggies
*pudding(if i can find low cal ones)
*3 pears
*3 nectarines
*box of triscuits

i have abs no money i gotta but my hole check int he bank for i have enough fo rmy car payment and car insurance so that means i gotta use one of my credit cards ugh i try to pay them off but it never works i give up already

food log:
*low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal-120 cals
*2 scoops cookeis an dcream ice cream- 175ish cals
*2 small apples cut up w/ cinnamon-120 cals
*yougrt-45 cals
*can of tuna-100 cals
*table spoon of miracle whip light-20 cals

*cup of hot detox peach tea-0 cals
*2 bottles of water-0 cals
*liter bottle of water-0cals
*skinny water sport pink berry-0 cals

*35m in elly 2.58 miles- 256 cals burned
*18 min tready 1.44 miles- 121 cals burns
*5 min running incline 1.0
*5 min running incline 0
*5 min running incline 0.5
* 3 min cool down
*8.807 steps taken -200 cals burned

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