Thursday, July 22, 2010


so today started off with me falling to the ground twice yes twice in one hour ugh. the first time was a lil after 7 am i got up out of bed to go shower i took a few steps and then bam im on the ground i got so dizzy and my legs were like jello and the next thing i know im on the ground i didnt pass out of faint or nething i just fell down i guess my body just coudlnt keep me upright nemore. is at there for a minute then i got up. i walked very to the bathroom well tried to cause i was just all over the place i coudlnt walk straight at all i kept almost falling over it was bad. i did manage to get a shower and get dressed with out falling over i acutally stared to feel a lil better not as jello leggy and weak and then yup there was the second time

i walked downstairt i kept walking into the walls im surprised i dont have bruises but neway i made it to the kitchen i got my yogurt and granola out fo rmy breakfast and also my apple out to cup up for lunch well i didnt actuallly get the appl all the way out i was standing there trying to close up the bag and yup i was down on the ground again i just fell

i dont know y i kept doing it but i did i didnt black out or faint but i guess my body was just to tired to stay standing and i guess my equalibrium was off as well casue that causes that as well. i was having ear aches so yeah ugh

i managed tomake it thru the rest of the day with out falling though so yay for that im proud of myself

im am starting to feel a lil bette. im not as tired and my coworker and mom said im starting to get color back into my cheeks so hopefully the medicine is wokring now. im getting massive headaches now though so bad i took 4 aleve already today as well as my meds so yeah. my hole body hurts like everything hurts. im coughing so much like way more then b4 my ribs and chest and sternum hurt so bad i swear ima crack them or pop them out of place or sometihng if the coughing keeps going. im notcoughing as much at the moment but i have been sitting and not doing much so yeah i cough more when im at work and constantly moving.

i spent a good part of today trying to find a new job but im not having much luck like how am i not qualified for nething but the scumbags who just waste away their lifes and dont wanna do nething can get a job so easily like fuck i have my associates degree in applied science accounting management and i cant find nething. im looking at accouting jobs, secretarial, admin, human resource pretty much nething that i can get full time with benefits. everything i c they want u to hav experince or like i found alot of tihngs for hopsitals but they also want to to have medical knowledge like rly. i c ppl working thre an di know they never went to school for it so y can ti find nehting

im getting frustrated i cant stay at my job forever im barley making it i work so much im currently doing 2 weeks straight i have off on sudnay and then i do 2 weeks again and i only get paidd $8.25 and hour wihc is fucking pathetic i live pay check to paycheck i work close to 40 hours a week sometime and this job is suppsoe to b part time

i guess ijust have to keep looking and try and not give up but its just so hard u know

on a good note i finished "before i fall" lauren oliver it was amzing u guys have to read it turst me it sucks u in and makes u not want to put it down

food log:
*cup of hot green tea mango-0 cals
*bottle of water-0 cals
* 2 yogurts-80 cals
*2 handful granola-40 cals

at work 10-3pm
*2 liters of water-0 cals
*vitamin water 0-0 cals
*cup tomato salsa soup-57 cals
*apple-60 cals

at home looking for job/ reading 4-7pm
*2 cups hot promgrante berry green tea-o cals
*1 1/2 liters water-0cals
*3/4 cup dry blueberry special k cereal-100 cals
*3 handful chips-?

*1/2 liter water
*choc chips-70ish cals
*cup of tomato salsa soup-57 cals
*6 asparagus spears-20 cals
*green beans-15 cals

i atemore then i wanted to today ima try and do crunches later hopefully since im feeling a lil better i can get seom curnches in b4 my heart starts beating way to fast and then i cant breath


  1. i know all about the job hunt. don't let the "experience" thing discourage you. apply to anything that requires up to 3 years experience. you'd be surprised that with a bit of tidying up your resume you can have "experience" without having worked in the field.

    What clubs have you been part of? what kind of skills did you learn from them? leadership, time management, communication, problem solving, team work, language skills, customer service?? and so on.

    it's all about the way you write your job descriptions. and when you get your interview, act confident but not cocky. just friendly and like you're not super nervous. smile and ask them questions. what they want to know is if you're really interested in the company or looking for a job.

    also write a cover letter that pulls from the posting (skills you have that the posting has)

    i hope these tips help! just apply to as much as you can. the more you do the better your chances for an interview.

    I hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. wow! what kind of yogurt do you eat! the lowest cal i found was 80 per cup...

    i cant find a job either and neither can my boyfriend but we're working our asses off to get one! applying everywhere like fucking crazy!

    glad your starting to feel better i hope you feel super again! i hate the whole dizzy black outs ug, its annoying as fuck!