Saturday, July 24, 2010

7/24/10 continued

sincei haveno life since im sick and noone will let me do nething id figured i would update again cause im bored.

work sucked like it always does it wasnt busy which is a good thing but it still sucked cause my boss is an asswipe of a dick fucker drives me insane ugh. i fund out that ocme sept he doesnt want us wearing jeans nemore he wants us in khakis which is stupid i work at a tanning salon its suppose to b layed back and relaxed u know what i mean god. he owns a tanning salon/diveshop/aquatic center and he wants us to lookmore professinal like really he already makes us wear shirts ugh at least they are comfy and say salon staff or a lotion brand the other just says tanning on it and they are comfy. 2 are baby tees and the other one is like a cheering shirt or workout shirt u know what i mean but khakis really hes losing hes mind i work 7 days a week i dont have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe just to wokr there like fuck he doesnt pay me enough barely above miniium wage ugh ass and ima tell him hes crazy when he tells us that as well ugh

so ive been home form work for about 2 and half hours nowspent some time on dp and then im slowly cathcing up on all the updates from the fanfics i read. im bored and going crazy being in the house. the boy said theat i might b able to c him tomm if im doing ne better god can i please feel better tomm. my sis says i still look pale sick so ugh he will prob take one look at me and turn around adn go back home fucking sickness i tell ya

me and my sis just went on a dunkin donuts run i really wanted a drink and then we also stopped at wawa and got some food yes i said food dont worry its healhty. ended up geting a prepackeaged salad there and u can pick out ur own dressing so yay and a fruit cup

so far today had- 240 cals that incuded the breakfast and the fruit bar i had ealry from my other post

this is the paln for the rest of the day
*large dd unsweetened iced tea-10 cals
* chicen ceaser salad(lettce, white chicken meat, garlic croutons and parmesan cheese)- 240 cals
*dressing raspberry vinaigrette-1 packette is 45 cals i will porb only use quarter of it but i will say half just in case- 22.5 cals
*my fruit cup is apples with caramel dipping sauce- whole thing is 210 cals- i will def eat all the apples with is what prob 100 cals at most but def wont eat all caramal i usually just dio the apple in a lil so we will say half so 210/2= 105 or so i know the caramle is most of the cals since an apple isnt that many cals

so if i stick with the paln i will end at 627.5 cals :)
the apples im saving for alter just going to eat my salad now
my mom also bought my fave ice cream choc chip cookie dough i might let myself have some later mayb we will c how i feel i dont want to freak out since i cant exercise or nething my exericse these days consist of crunches on my bed cant do them on the floor hurts spine too much and then air bike which i also do on my bed

i took more pics this morning 2 acutally both of my stomach one of my laying flat and one of my turned to side a lil i lov emy ribs i always have i just wish they would stick out that much when im standing neway thers the pics


  1. hi, i live in Italy and lucky for me i learned english in 6 grade. i like your blog it's very inspirational. i even started my own blog. please give me support.

  2. also your body is very inspirational to me

  3. your tiny. I would love to look like you.

    Well done on the intake and you have a good plan.
    fingers crossed your feeling better soon.

  4. i will def check urs out hun
    im trying to feel better trust me on that

  5. woww your so tiny! ahh, jelous! XD