Sunday, July 25, 2010


102.2 102.2 102.2 yay yay ayay yaya hehehehehe

ima get in so much trouble for that number since im not suppose to go under 103 but godim so happy and i cant wait for it to go lower and lower and lower yes so excuted and happy loved thescale this morning usually i hate it cause it goes up or it doesnt budge but fuck yeah it went down this time about fucking time yay so so so so so happy :)

so i realized today when i was laying in bed not able to sleep that my period wasnt normal at all this month. it came on thrusday like nomral but it wasn theavy and i wasnt crampy or nething it was light way lighter then it should of been and then it went away and it was either not there at all or i was just spotting a lil. idk if my body was just to sick to b able to handle it or if its fomr the anitboitcs or if its something else completey. it cant b from my eating habits cause im on the pill so no mattter how lil i eat it still cmoes trust me when i got down to my low weight it was still come on time andd normal. but this month it just isnt at all so idk what to htink about it.

i went to michales today and deicded to buy a shit load of jewerly stuff heheh. i got 2 nice size cases of beads, 2rolls fo 25 meter.5mm elastic, 2 things of 3mm suede cord, and 2 differnt tihngs of letters. the letters one r silver and more nice looking and the others are diferent colors and more fun,

and then i went tot he dollar store and got 5 coloring bookins and a 48 pack of crayons

have u guys ever noticed tha the things we do to distract ourselves or to keep our heads sane and calm r the kinda things that childs do. i realized that last nite i have nutting wrong with it its just something i realized. i love coloring and i love making bracelets it keeps me so calm and everytthing

today ive been making braclets for god idk how long i just keep going i made osme last nite too ima post pics for u guys can c. they are mostly beaded ones. but i did make some with sayings. in case u cant read they say "love" "relax" "believe"

food log so far:
8am-meds and apple(60) and some water

while i was making jewlery
* 2 liters of water
*2 cups of hot tea promgrante berry
* choc chips-70 cals

4pm- meds an apple(60) and some water

idk what ima do for dinner or nething yet but i wil l figure that out later
my tongue feels kinda swollen either that or my throat idk but it feels weird

my bracelets

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  1. Really like the bracelets on the second photo.Niceeeeeee!!!!