Saturday, July 31, 2010


so last nites date nite went pretty good i ate a lil bit more then i wanted but not on my own accord the boy made me ugh to him. we went to red robin and sat outside and of ourse i got cold so i had to put my sweat shirt on over my cute outfit but hey it kept me warm.

food at date nite
*3 mozzy sticks
*fries sahred the boys 2 baskets
*half my apple harvest chicken salad no cheese dressing on the side

i dint get dessert cause he made me eat the 2 extra mozzy sticks i was only going to have one to make him happy but he made me have 3 so ugh. afterwards we were standing outside my house him me and he fired just talking and hangin gout u know and i started to feelsick like weak tired and very run down. i kept swaying bakc ond forth and almost falling and stumbling idk if he noticed or not i doubt he did but i jsut sat down on the curb and my head keep bobing app i was tired very tired as well with the weak feeling.. when we finally went inside i almost fell but he caught me im clumbsy so i guess he didnt think nething about it. but we layed down and i told him i wasnt feeling well that i felt very run down hes like u just finsihed ur meds mayb it will take a few days idk. i was on antibotibics for 10 days so idk what the fuck is going on with me. but i ended up falling asleep curled up to hes side we didnt even do nething i didnt get to burn off dinner stupid body for being too tired

today i had to work from 9-130pm yes im at work again i know shocker isnt it ha. well there i was on my feet the hole time i try to stand as much as possible to burn those few extra cals but today i was on my feet the hole time. i did payroll, watered the plants, cleaned the mirrors, wiped down the tops of the tanning beds, did my bosses job cause he doesnt do it himself ugh, adn then i read a read chapters in shutter island

after work i went to the car wash no i didnt wash my car i just wanted to vaccum the inside of it im still to tired and weak to clean the hole inside. so i spent 8minutes and $2 vacuming out mycar at elast the inside isnt a diseaster nemore

then iwent to the gorccery store again cause i nneded more fruit. ieat so much of it that i have to go and get more all the time i went twice this week and i gotta go nesxt week to prob get more and to get the ingredients to make more tomato salsa soup. at the store got:

*3 peaches
*3 nectarines
*bag of grapes
*grilled chicken premade salad(lettuce, tomato, carrots, peppers,cucumbers andchicken)
*2 boxes of 100 cal popcorn
*countainer of sea salt cashews

i already cut up all the strawberries and put them in a countainer with splenda on them love them that way

idk how ima spend the rest of my day. idk if those girls are going to txt me today idk i kinda hope they dont i really just wanna b alone tonite im use to spending sat nites alone its like my thing

so if they dont txt me im goign to relax and read a bunch, also gotta look for a job because those jobs i foudn the other day idk where they went i saved the page in my fav list and they didnt work so ima look some more. also going to do some crunches and mayb air bike u know just spend time alone. prob watch tv or a movie as well

food log:
*few spoons of ice cream-?
*cup of hot promgrantegreen tea-0 cals
*bottle of water-0 cals

at work 9-130pm
*cup of honey dew-60 cals
*liter of water-0 cals
*vitamin water 0-0 cals

*im snacking on some cashews and i got 2 sport bottles of water sitting in front of me

for dinner im gong to have that chicken salad im guessing its 150 cals i might of over estmiated a lil but id rather over estmimate then under uknow wht i mean. and i will prob make some asparagus as well

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