Thursday, July 29, 2010


im starting to feel weak and tired again like i did the saturday b4 i got really sick so i hope tha im not getting really sick again. im almost outo fmy antibotics got 2 left so i take one at mindnte then one at 8am and then im all out soi guess we will c what happens after that then huh o well if i get sick again i get sick mayb i will lose more weight then. thats one good thing about being sick u lose weight yes

work sucked as always 2day mainly cause my boss is still being an ass and wont talk to me no hi or good morning or smile like i use to get he only talks to me when he has to its like fuck whatever. so my coworker that didnt show up yesterday finally txted me back yesterday saying that she wrote she could work that day months ago ane no1 ever said nething and she didnt look at the schedule so she didnt now. like fuck im not her mom shes 24 yrs old she needs to take responaiblity whodoesnt look at the scheudles we keep it int he same spot all the time and every time u clock in or out ur schedule is on the screen so she cant pull that shit with me fuck its like she expects every1 to do everything for her but she cant do enthing for us she always has an excuse its always something and of coruse she wont get in toruble witht he boss cause she cant do nething wrong in hes eyes and im the one that gets in trouble cause god forbid i coudlnt stay 4hours later after my shift was over i stayed an extra hour and half asit was i have a life i ahve things to do does he not understan that my life does not reolve around work even though im there all the time.

i vaccumed the hole place today and also did the mirrors in the room. and then i got bored and the boss left of course cause hes never there so i turned on soapnet(yes we have a tv ont he wall) and i watched the oc and one tree hill while workingo ut a lil. i just stood behind the counter rest my arms on it and kept moving my legs i was pretty much running in place but i kept my feet flat on the floor.

im dong laundry right now gotta clean the jeans since i live in jeans hahah and ijust braided my sis's hair. im going to look at the job webistes again today and try and get some working out in i cant wait til i can go tot he gym again

im down to 102.2 so the weight is coming off yay for that i cant wait for double digits i need them so much

food log:
*fruit bowl-135 cals
*1/2 cup blueberries-40 cals
*20 grapes-40 cals
*cup of cantalope-55 cals
*cup of hot green tea with promgrante-0 cals
*bottle of water-0cal

at work 10-330pm
*liter of water- 0cals
*vitamin water0-0 cals
*cup of tomato salsa soup-57 cals

4 om snack/meds
*liter of water(still working on it)-0cals
*apple-60 cals
*fruit snacks-50 cals

dinner(having it soon this is what is planned)
*ceaser salad-200-250 cals
*6 asparagus spears-20 cals
*cup of hot tea-0 cals
*water- 0 cals

ima drink alot more tea and water tonite ih avent been drinking enough and ineed to start drinking alot more

found a pic of how i want my chest bones to look yes im obsessed iknow and ilove this pic i would want mine out a lil more u know but neway


  1. I know soooo many people like your co-worker, who can't do ANYTHING for themselves. It drives me crazy!! Like even friends who actually get angry if someone isn't practically holding their hand for every little thing they do.

    Phillipsburg is down by Lopatcong, right? I think that's like an hour and half away. I'm waaaay up north, right on the NY border. Literally - last exit off the GS Parkway.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes! Getting sorted now, but just taking too long. :(

  2. i hate ppl ike that so much they drive me crazy
    yes its right by lopatcong u know all lil towns next to each other
    yeah its sbout in hour or so ish i believe
    i live right on the PA border im about hour and half away from new york

    of course wished u good wishes ur dong great hun