Friday, July 30, 2010


so im jsut going to do a short update cause really not much happened today but i wanted to blog neway and also my outfit is really cute and i wanted to share it withu all

well im down to 101.6 yay for that finallly im getting closer to double digits and i cant wait. i miss being in double digits so much and i will get there again no matter what no1 is stopping me this time i wont allow them too.

tonite is date nite with the boy so that means dinner but im use to it by now since hes being taking me out every friday nite for awhile now. depending on where i go depnds on what i get so i will prob either get a salad, a wrap, or some grilled chicken with veggies. and mayb a lil dessert it makes him happy to c me eat dessert so i get some every once in a while. after i will just have to make him help me burn some calories off. he was the one that pointed out sex burns 400 cals or more so yeah gotta burn those cals and atleast sex is fun :) sorry tmi but o well

so i have friends yay lol sorry im not use to having real life friends but i got to know these 2 girls who come in tanning. and one even has minor food issues not as bad as me and say all of u guys but she knows about me so i dont have tohide it well i do from her firend but neway her friend came in tanning today and after she asked if i wanted to hang out sometime we her and the other girl. im like yeah that will b fun. shes like do u go to bars or drink. im like i dont drink nemore i have alil issue with that. shes like o well we can do something else we willt xt u sat or sun. so im excited about that and i hope they dont blow me off or nething

food log(so far)
*cup of cantalope-55 cals
*bottle of water-0 cals

at work 10-3pm
*liter of water-0 cals
*sobe life water0- 0 cals
*cup of honeydew-60 cals

and then dinner with the boy so i should end at a good amount of cals
i might have a few grapes soon though my heart is bothering me
last nite it got down to 52 bpm

k heres my outfit

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  1. well done with the intake and good luck with dinner. i love ur legs...They are tiny!