Thursday, July 8, 2010


ok ugh so i fucked upagain today and i hate myself for itim so fat and gross i look in the mirros an dim disguisted with myself u have no idea my stmoach is just huge and it sticks out so much my ribs and hip bones are barely out dont even get me started on my spine this is fucking ridc im fat as all hell and what do i do i wat more then i planned to and i make myself even fatter then i already am ugh.

so today i sat down and thought and i made plan for myself tis actually pretty simple and i wont b able to do it for long because it involes alot of sodium which im not suppose to b eating because of my cholestrol an dmy blood pressure yes i starve myself and i still have high blood pressre and high cholestrol ok back tot he plan starting tomm i need to get bacl on track plan:

* no food during the day exxcept for dinner

* i can have water, flavored water well pretty much nehting i want to drink

*as many bubillion cubes during the day i want

*dinner can b a normal dinner i will prob do salad and then have something with it

*the days i go tot he gym i will eat either fruit yougrt or a granola bar b4 my workout fori can get thru it

see simple plan ima prob only do it for a week or so since the bubillion cubes are high in sodium i hiope i can stick to it for awhile im tired of being such a fuck up fat ass

food log:
*small apple-60cals
*dry fruitloops-110cals
*cup of popcorn-25cals
*1/2 cup blueberries-40cals
*salad(lettuce(20), 6 pickle chips(25), 1 slice veggie protein turkey(25), 5 croutons(40) cucumber(5))
*7 bites fried potatoes-?
*5 sprays raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing-5cals
*2 scoops cookes and cream ice cream-175cals
*mini choc chips-140cals

*liter bottle of water
*5 nomral bottle of water
*cup of hot detox tea
*vitamin water0

*ran in place for an hour kept feet on floor and just kept my legs moving


  1. thats not bad hun. For me today had been 1450 kcals. That's like 1000 too much.
    Good plan but be careful with sodium. Maybe try find a stock cube that has the lowest quantity..

  2. good luck with ur plan! gosh i hav the same thing! i hav high cholesterol its so stupid >:l
    btw im new here, but do u hav ne tips for blogging and getting followers?
    nething would be soo great! mi blog:
    stay strong!