Monday, July 26, 2010


well idk not much really happened today im exhausted but thats nuttin new at all u know what i mean ugh

i had to work today from 10-3 and i coudlnt sit down becauase the boss was doint interviews and he would show the possilbe new ppl around and it would look bad if i was sitting there reading so i had to keep myself busy so i swept the floors, cleaned the front and back counter, cleaned the lotion displays and santized all the door knobs

then after work i came home to my lil cousins i love thems o much but fuck at they tiring i had them frim 3-7pm. 4 yrs old adn 8 month old the 8 month old never sits still ever nemore hes always crawling everywhere and pulling him self up and then he wants to walk to u gotta hold hes hands and walk with him he can take like 2 steps by by himself but then he falls so gotta b constantly watching him and then the 4 yro ld just wants to play all the time so we went out side played toss across and hide the bean bags we alos colored for awhile(that was great cause got to lay down but it killed my ribs laying there but ot well), i made her a bracelet cause she wanted one so i had to make her one cause really cant say no to her. we all went on a walk together too around the block so 4 yr old was wlaking next to me of course and i was carring the baby.

i got myself a good work out in today just doing that and thats all i can do caue im so exhausted right now. my chest and heart were bothering me all day and my hole body is just sore but im dealing with it

i had a few comments todya one tanning client said "god u lost more weight" shes knows that ive been really sick and she always ask how im doing but today the first thing out of her mouth was about my weigh ti just smiled and nodded and u know avoided it.

then my sis. i have her walk on my back cause it cracks it and stretches the muscles out adn she cause" i can feel every bone in ur spine and back and i feel like im hurting u"

then my mom i measure out my food and she was in the kitch today while i was making my breakfast and packing my lunch and she goes " u and ur measuring jsut put some on ur plate"

do they not understand that i just cant do that its not possilb ei gotta meausre for i know that i have the exact amount and nutting over ugh ppl these days ha

so my period ugh its not really back per say im just spotting but not alot at all eight its like barely nething but yeah im jsut going to ignore it and not worry about we will c what happens nextmonth

food log
*cup of hot grean tea with promgrante
*half bottle of water
*whole wheat enlgish muffing-100 cals
*cup of cantalope-55 cals

at work 10-3pm
*bottle sobe life water0
*liter and half water
*cup of tomato salsa soup-57 cals
*apple-60 cals

with the kids 3-7pm
*bottle of water
*apple-60 cals
*4 pieces of chopped up boiled potaotes-?
*2 lil spoons of ice cream(had to share with munchin)-?

i havent had dinner yet and im thinking im just gonna skip it and just have something a tt he movies with the boy we are going to go c inception tonite

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