Wednesday, July 28, 2010


so i weighed myself this morning hoping that i didnt gian ne weight after my binge yesterday and i did i gained 6 ounces ew gross i went form 102 to 102.6 over night so gross i need to get back down and then get to double digis like asap. i weight myself after my second shower at 430pm and the scale said 103.2 so i barely even gained a lb thru out the day with my eatinga drinkng so thats good hopeing to b back to 102 tomm god i hope so

and u have no idea how bad i want my chest bones our right now thats my next goal to get them out lines and lines of them and my boobs need to get smaller. i got my colloar bones out pretty good adn u can c my sternum sometimes but its not very promient or nething so i need to work on that. i have a halter top on now and i was thinking go how amazing would it look if all my chest bones were out it would look just fucking perfect so i need to figure out how to get them otu and get them out fast i need as many bones out as i can get

i ended up being stuck at work hour and half longer then i was suppose to thanx fucking cowokrer for not showing up ro calling or answering ne of my million and one calls ass fuck of a mother fucker i was only suppose to work til 1 today i didnt leave til 230 my boss had to cover cause i had to go wed shifts are breaking up inot 3 shifts 10-1. 1-5, 5-8 i do 10-1 and di does 5-8 the one cowker usually does 1-5 but coudlnt this week so the other one said she would but of course she didnt show up i called her every 10 minutes and she didnt pick up or answer ugh im so down with her she does this all the time and its fuking fucked up

i did get some walking in at work well not walking walking but i was lifeguarding for about hour and half so i was on my feet and walking the hole time the first time was from 10-11 and it was 13 kids form the day care down the road and then the second 11-1130 just some regualrs come in to swim their laps like the nomrally do they come 3 times a week i usually sit and just zone out while they are swimming but i had to clean up the pool deck fomr the kids

me and the boy were going to go to philly today to go watch a phillies game but he coudlnt find ne good tickets int he price range he wanted so he told me to go to the atm take out some money and get myserlf the fruit and drinks that i want so i did

first i went to target got a 24 pack of poland springs water, 3 vitamin water 0's, 3 sobe lifewater 0's, 120 count box of crayons, cough drops, robitussin(yes still coughing) and 3 books. yes 3 books i have an addiction and i know that but i just cant help it they call to me. i have a nice pile of books that ih ave to read yet cause i buy like 3 at a time and then just pile them up cause im still work on all the books i got from amazon a lil while though. k got "smashed: story fo a drunken childhood" koren zailckas, "the short second life of bree tanner" stephenie meyer, and "love you hate you miss you" elizabeth scott.

then after target went to shoprite for i could get some fruit got:
*bag of green apples
*bag of green grapes
*bundle of asparagus
*cantalope(got the already cut up kind
*honeydew(same already cut up)

i also got 2 prepackaged salads. my gorcery store has a section were they have salads that they made up and put out to buy u can also get sandwhichs made at the deli adn they have soup. i bought 2 salads one for dinner tonite and one for dinner tomm. got garden salad(going to take off the cheese and egg) so im guess its around 100 cals and then ceaser salad(going to take out olives) prob around 200-250 cals. the salads dont have th edressing out them at all so u can use whatever dressing u want yay for that

so now im sitting here just watching gilmore girls ima prob do some crunches or air bike later to getsome exercise in

i hop emy heart listens today it either beats way to fast of way to slow last nite it was 52 bpm which si low i ended up falling asleep cause i put music on cuase heart really was bugging me but yeah i wokr up in hour later to it pouding out of my chest like literally i put my hands on my ribs and i could feel it

food log
*cup of hot promgrante grean tea-0 cals
*half bottle of water-0 cals
*apple-60 cals
*whole wheat english muffin-100 cals

at work 10-230pm
*liter of water
*cup tomato salsa soup-57 cals
*13 sweet tarts -60 cals

4pm snack(need to take my meds)
*10 grapes-20 cals
*13 sweet tarts-60 cals

dinner-this is the plan i havent eaten it yet though
*garden salad-100 cals
*5 sprays of dressing -5 cals
*6 asparagus spears-20 cals

im going to drink more water and tea thru out the nite
also took 9,271 steps today which burnt 231 cals


  1. smoke some crack that will help you reach your goal of becoming the ammaciated bag of petruding bones you set out to be, i hear ricketts helps as well. nasty bitch

  2. um yeah idk wtf that is about but i dont do drugs i dont like them i wont touch them yes i have had a drinking problem and yes i take way to many diet pills and diuretcis and shit but i dont touch drugs