Sunday, July 4, 2010


well first off to all the americans happy 4th of july. thank god we didnt have a picnic this year so i didnt have to worry about my family and food and shit i did eat more then i wanted to today which i do hate myself for. but tomm i decided to start doing 400-500 cals a day nuttin more i need to lose more weight i hate the way i look im fat and gross and not fragile or nething at all and i need to get to fragile asap

i didnt do much today im still tired as fuck from vacation so i just relaxed alot. i did clean up my room for awhile and did some crunches and jogged in place i didnt jog long after life 2 minutes i realized i really didnt wanna jog soi went to crunches instead. i spent alot of time reading fanfics today.

i wanted to go outside but it was 93 degrees today and i cant b out in that i would risk getting heat exhaustion again and i dont need that cause its horrible and ugh i just hate it

food log:
*orange cremsicle-80 cals
*pretzel m&ms's-150 cals
*yogurt-45 cals
*1/2 cup blueberries-40 cals
*handful of granola-?
*3 romaine lettuce leaves-10
*6 pickle chips-25 cals
* 6 cherry tomatos-30 ish cals
* 5 slices cheese-?
*7 croutons--42 cals
* 2 serving frizzl'd skittles- 340 cals(ugh)

*large unsweetened iced tea from dunking donuts-10 cals
*4 bottles of water-0 cals