Friday, March 11, 2011



weight this morning was 104 lbs thank god im under 105 again damn
yesterday i kinda fasted but idk not really i had 3 cups of sodium free chikcne broth, 2 cups of the lipton cup of cup packettes, soy yogurt, 2 bottles of water with sugar free koolaide mix and then water and tea and 2 cups light lemonade so not a full out fast i think it was about 295 cals it was def under 300 cals

today so far i have had few grapes, lil cake icicng, few chips, 2 cups light lemonade

i had to work today and let me tell u i almost passed out somnay times it wasnt funnt i kept getting dizzy and stumbling and i know its cause of the restricitng but also a big part of it is cause im sick even if the doc says im not i know i am cause even when i do eat im still dizzy its like the longer im on my feet the worse i feel

this is just a quick post gotta finish getting ready for date nite just wanted to show u guys my outfit

love u


anonomyous-m thanx hun i love eminem as well ur not alone there

lexi- i make them myself im sorry ur ex threw urs away

phoebe-thanx hun lol its funny id ont even dance

ayden- u will get there hun u just gotta stay strong

manadgrin0 u will get here hun ur not taht far off from my weight id i remeber correclty yeah the ansel spray doesn thelp me at all im not allerigc to nehting i just always have a stuffy nose its werid

needlesedge- they are my fave too

stfysarah- i have runner legs they are like all muslce ugh

mona- vanilla is the best smelling stuff ever

mich-he sitll hasnt called about my bloodwiork so who knows ppl have mentin vertigo and yeah i could b walking and all of a sudden its like bam i hate it

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  1. awww sweetheart you work too hard, you need to take care of yourself but hope the dizzy spells pass. The outfit is very cute! Are those the new boots? x