Friday, March 18, 2011


heres the outfit im a li skeptical of it but i think its cut eijust think i dont look good in it bu there it is the outfit for date nite

i did make it the gym today got extermely dizzy after and ended up eating alil that i didnt want to eat but it was either eat or passout so i ate but at the gym i did
65mins elly level 5- 290 cals burned
35mins bike lever 5- 182 cals burned

im sorry i totally forgot to put the rules for the award up my bad but neway
u thank the person or persons who gaveu the award
then u give 7 facts about urself
then give it to 10 other ppl and leave them a msg on there blog saying u gave them an award


used for glue- i put the rules up then but yes u give 7 facts about urself and then hand it off to 10 other ppl

unbeaitufil- me and cereal go way back

mrs donae-thank u hunny

mich-yeah i gotta have a full bladder as well 24 ounces of water an hour b4 my appt and no going to bathroom til after lovely

thin_envy-i am nervous but yeah nuttin i can do about it right now except deal and b patient so thats the plan its ok that u dont comment u dont have too i know imnot that interesting i just babble on about stuff it clears my head


  1. adorable outfit, i love your legs as well(:

  2. You look way cute in it. And your boy will as well =]

  3. I love you outfit! It looks wonderful on you :)