Tuesday, March 22, 2011


so i just got back from my ultrasound and i figured i would give u guys an update on it i wont get the resutls yet my doc wont get the results for 24-48 hours the lady said that my doc shoudl have it by thrusday so i guess i will hear from him after that.

she did my pelvic region first for i could pee and stop being uncomfortable if they do ur pelvis u had to drink water an hour b4 and not pee an di really had to pee by that point so she was nice and said she wont do that first for i could pee an dthen we would do my abdomen. its really uncomfrotable when u have to pee and they are pressing on it but seh was really nice she did spend a good amount of time down there she never said nething though but there was alot of buttons clicking

she did my abdomen next after she let me pee ihad to lay flat on my back at first and she did the middle like right between my ribs had me breathe in and hold it then breathe out i had to do that a few times

after seh was done with that i had to lay on my left side for she coudl check my right she spent alot of time there and it hurt when she was doing it she did over my ribs under my ribs and a few other spots i had to breathe in and hold it again an di had to do that alot my uncle said it wasnt going to hurt but it did hurt alil so i guess tahts not a good thing at all

she checked my left side as well but she didntnearly spend as much time on that side as she did the other

i guess i was in there for about 30 minutes or so so now its just a waiting game to c what is wrogn or if nething is wrong but she was very nice it was just werid laying there with my shirt up i know my ribs stick out so i hope she wasnt like thinking nething she didnt say nehting but its werid just laying there with some1 looking at u the good thing was the gel was warm so yay for that cause i was laready cold as it was but that was warm and it was warm in the room as well.

i have off of work today so ima just relax mom wont let me go to the gym til we ge tmy stomach an dpain issues figured out.

it snowed alil yesterday its all washed away now cause of the rain but we are suppose to get mroe snow tonite yes its the end of march and the northeast well me new jersey is getting snow they dont knwo how much we are gonna get yet cuase they dont know if its gonna b all snow or snow and ice or a different mix they have no idea what so ever moms like if its bad u might not b able to go to work imsuppsoe to work 11-7 tomm so we will just wait and c

i had a few of my dizzy spells yesterday i haven thad one of those in a few days i thoguh i was doing better but i had 2 of them yesterday and they were bad like i really thoguhi was gonna pass out adn i got really shaky and my heart went nuts but i layed down and at alil something and drank something and it helped a lil

i got a few crucnhes in but not much cause i felt so bad and i alwasy got extremley nasoues like i was layign there willin gmyself not to throw up

i did do some laudnry yesterday and i acutally folded it the same day i did it thats a record for me
and i finishe dmy book the latest book in the rachel morgan series by kim harrison it was amazing of couse :)

so b4 when iw as semi recoverd i use to make a huge bowl of cereal i would mix all different kinds togeter and eat it that way now yesterday i decided to do that htinking i was gonna workout after but mom wouldnt let me go but my combo was frosted flakes, corn pops, golden crisps, apple jacks, and fruit loops. it made me feel so sick after the acid was comign up so mcuh it tasted good but i freake dout after. my lunch yesterday was a few fristos and a few pretzels that made me eel gross as well snack was 6 grapes then dinner was 5 chicken nuggets 2 spoonfuls of corn and 1 lil spoon of fried pototes

so far today i drank about aliter of water and im having a few fritos now. i got about a 15 hour fast insince i coudnt eat b4 my ultrasound so i didnt eat from 7pm last nite to 10am today.

i think i might make up my gluten free dariy free choc chip pancakes ive had the box just hastn mixed it up yet mayb i will try that today idk yet

but love u guys how u are all doing well


happiness is on the outside-thanx hun that would b great i cant do treatment i refuse to check my self in to the hospital and the closest outpatient treatment center is 45 minuts away and its an 8am-5pm program m-f an di have to work so i cant do that but if u find somethin gout let me know lov eu freind hope ur well

mrs donea- o u are are ppl not willing to help u either it sucks

mich-i fucking hate insurance u think they would cover things like that since alot of ppl do suffer form mental issues

needlesedge-i agree with u there it is as improtant as physcial health im glad tha tu have good insurance though

mandagin-yeah thats wha ti was thinking off finding some books even workbooks or osemthing something that will help me at least ease into it i cant get completely better not yet but im willing to try lil steps

skinny_el-m the world i such a fucekd up place i hate it like y can thtey just help neone who wants the help

becky- its hard to talk to my doc but idk i just had an ultrasoun donw so mayb that will show something and it will open up hes mind i cant do outpaitent the closest is 45 mins away and i have to work adn the program was 8-5pm mon-fri yes i did look into it righ tnow ima just idk try on my own i guess and c ho w it goes


  1. It sounds like it was very very uncomfortable but hope that the results come back all good. Enjoy your day of :) x

  2. Hey deary. I'll be thinking and praying for you! Hope the results come out okay. Make sure to lie down, drink a crap ton of water and maybe have a bit higher intake calorie-wise today (that may be contributing to those dizzy spells). But enjoy the day relaxing too- you've definitely earned a break!

  3. doesn't sound like a fun appointment. now i want cereal. &grapes. hm. anyway, stay strong, darling.

  4. hope everything turns out okay in the long run

  5. OMG this is exactky what WAS going to happen for me today! i was suppsed to get an ultasound, afor the pelvic and ab region too - but even after drinking so much water, my bladder couldnt get full enough for them to start....:/ so i cancelled and its going to be done on friday, instead.
    yes me too - i fasted, but my fast ended up to be 18 hours :P
    i hope you're going well. xx

  6. The cereal combo sounds orgasmic. I used to do that when I was little, but I'm scared to do it now--I feel like I would just lose all control and eat all 5 boxes of cereal in one sitting. I can't handle cereal...

    Hope the ultrasound results turn out ok! Hopefully they'll at least get closer to figuring out what's causing all your pain, so they can fix it. <3