Saturday, March 19, 2011

whats the point nemore.....

so srsly guys what is thepoint nemore what is the point in trying to fight this when i cant get the help i need neway. i cant affrod therapy cause insurancemay or may not reimburst me idk yet i have to call but if my dad says is right then i cant afford it he saida while ago that out o fnetwork places is 80/20. which means i pay 80 percent and insurance only pays 20 percent.

so math time here if one session is $120 then i pay 80 percent which is $96 then insurance would only pay $24 of it so out of the $120 i pay upfront to the therapsit i would only get $24 back

so if i go once a week for a month thats $480 up front and out of that i woudl get back $96 how is that even fair. there is noway in hell i can afford that i dont have an extra $386 laying around every month i barely have ne extra money left after my car, my car insurance and my 4 credit card payments and then my grocery shopping and personal items and the lil money i have left i save it for when me and teh boy go out

so what is up with american and the health insurance world out there im reaching out for help i want help for a disease that is killing me that has kille dmany many ppl and they just dont care and they dotn cover it in full so whats thepoint in even tryingenmore wheni know that i cant get the help i need when i want it

i was finally storng enoughto reachout for help to admit that i have a problem to admit that ijust cant do it on my own nemore to just get shot down like that like its nuttin

so it looks like imnot getting help so ima stop fighting it ima just let it go i cant keep fighitng it knwoing that no1 cares enough to help me neway


  1. if u want i can do some research for ya!
    i do love to do research and i really wanna help u get better too
    hellz we can do it together :P
    ill still be posting everything they tell me or give me from treatment so maybe that wil help too
    look into treatment places those are covered more then therapy

    stupid united states and their health care, sorry from ur canadian friends :(

    stay strong hunni and if ur serious about getting better then i wanna help in every and any way i can

    <3 happiness!

  2. I'm so sorry doll! I'm having the same exact problem!

  3. I'm sorry, luv!! It's a big load of BS. I'm in the same financial situation as you, it sounds like, and that's pretty much the same reason I can't afford a therapist. My insurance won't cover mental health at all. >:(

  4. That is such a load of crap. The only reason I even work at my job anymore is because it is pretty much the only place I have found that had insurance that covers mental health issues... which i think is the load. Mental health is just as damn important as physical health if not even more so.

    I am thinking of you.

  5. what crap :(
    look at other options, dear. and even if there's nothing available, you can still get better. buy some books, and just ease into the whole idea. maybe something will come up along the way.
    thinking of you. be strong.

  6. It's funny how it's the same here in the UK too. I had a hard enough time trying to get help for my depression. It's only because i nearly killed myself they actually helped me. You should have a look at TWLOHA if you haven't already. I'm doing some benifits for them and it's a charity that's very close to my heart. Not so much ED i don't think but still, it gives me hope <3
    Stay strong honey,
    El xox

  7. Insurance is the worst. You give them money all the time to get financial support and then when you need it they get all stingy with it. I can promise you that if you get hospitalized for this (like, even just an E.R. visit) it is going to cost your insurance 100x more than it would to put you in therapy.

    I wouldn't give up yet though. There are lots of counselors out there who are just as good as therapists who don't cost nearly as much. You could also try an out patient program. Sometimes insurance will like that more because you are being monitered and they know you aren't 'wasting their money' as they would claim.
    If you get a doctor to examine you and tell your insurance company how sick you are, that will also give them more insentive to pay for your treatment.