Thursday, March 3, 2011


so my insurance went thru dad tol me after work yesterday that he called and they told him if went thru so i am now back on my parents insurnace. dad tol me that ne hospital or speicatialst i go to to make sure that they are in the network dont ask fi they take it make sure they are in teh network. idk y everyone keeps saying the hsoptal y doesn teveryone think ima end up there

well i get my work schedule for next week late tonite so i will call my primamry doc tomm and make an appt for next week. i need to get my cholestrol checked, and then need to figure otu what is up with this sickenss i cant kick, and getm y stomach checked c whats up with that and what im allergic too and then c if i can get soemthing for my anxiety.

im just scared of what they will find like how bad did i fuck up my body with this ed my chest and heart pains arent nomral the fact that my lungs hurt an dicant breahe isnt nomral im just scared what if i really fucked myself up u know.

i fell this moring its like a daily thing i either fall or im close to falling i feel monday was really weak tues and wed and then i fell today ig ot up to pee took a step and down i went i grabbed my tv stand for it wasnt a hard fall but i feel none the less

yesterday at work was really hard i was so weak and in a daze and outof it i didnt know what was going on half the time an di was walking so slow barely picking my feet up i was thinking mayb if i didnt pickmy feet up then i had less chance to fall u know what i mean

i redsiegned my tat i decided that i didnt want something that bi gijust wanted soemtihng simpler and with a different quote the quote i choice means more to me then the other one so here it is

also in my daze after work i stopped at kohls and walked around i eneded up gettign another pair of moccassins in black this time then got 2 cropped sweater thingsy and flowly tank tops in pretty colors c

i have teh day off today and no kids to babysit so ma try and clean my room an dhopefullly get al il work out in go d do i need a workotu and then relax alot

loveall u guys

ash-i dont knwo what ima do right now and thanx the shes are so comfy

ayden-im not a school perons so its jsut werid that im considering it

mich-yeah i was thinking aaobu tmedical coding and billing


  1. Yeah, you sound like you're putting up with an awful lot right now. I think some rest will do you good.
    I never used to be a school person either, but somehow I completely change lol. Maybe once you find something you're REALLY interested in, you'll enjoy studying it more?
    Good luck with the doctor, hun. I hope it all goes well

  2. awe thats so much i hope it pans out okay! ya my doc usually doesnt comment on my weight sometimes the intake nurse does those ha we will see stay strong!

  3. i hope the doctor fixes you up :) yay for insurance!

    also, the falling sounds really awful. i really hope you're okay, girl.

    feel better soon xoxo

  4. hope you're taking care of yourself hun, this falling down busy doesn't sound good.
    also thank you so much for all your support and lovely comments, i'm sorry i don't comment more often.
    love the clothes as well