Saturday, March 5, 2011


thats the outfit that i wore last nite we went to red robin for dinner and out one freind went with us. ihad 2 onion rings some fries and mayb a lil less then half of my salad that i ordered.

me and the oby takled alil last nite casue im scaredof the doctor im scared if soemthing is really wrong and if ithere is its allm y fault cause im the one that has been starving themselves for years he said that if soemthing was really wrong it would of happened already so i shoudlnt worry about it just go get checked and take it from there i told him my weight and hes happy with it cause really 105 is pretty much my nomral weight neway buti hate that number and i was 95 lbs but i also dont wanna fuck mybody up nemore then it already is as u can tell my head is a mess

i gotta work 9 hours today gotta try and get thru it boy said i fi feel to bad to tell them that i shoudlnt jeopordize my health nemore then i already have but after work gotta rush to get home and showered casue we are going out to eat again im so happy that i get to c him again u have no idea i just dont wanna have to eat out again but that comes with it i guess but i cant wait to c him again after work hopefully it will make work go faster

and if onemore person tels me im malnourished and thats y i keep falling and am so sick ima punch them in the face tahts all i heard at work yesterday ur malnoursiehd do u eat balh balh lbah yes ass fucks i eat just cause i dont eat thousands of caloreis a day doesnt mean i dont eat an di just want it to sotp i want ppl to stop saying that and asking me questinos and judging me it just all needs to stop ugh

i had a banana and some grapes this mroing i was so dizzy i needed something i will prob just bring some fruit with me to work and then dinner later with the boy

well im off gotta go to work soon love u all


  1. Is that one of the Kohl's tops from the last post? I LOVE IT!! If it's not from Kohl's, where'd you get it? It's lovely!! And you look so tiny and cute in your outfit. ;)

    I hate how ppl feel like it's ok to go on and on about your wight when you're thin, but yet no one is allowed to say anything to someone who is overweight.


  2. I hate it when people made comments about my weight.
    They told me I looked sick and that they were gonna commit me to a psych ward in a hospital when I was only about 125, but they scared me into eating and now I'm 176.
    Comments can be so fucking annoying.
    And I agree with Mich.
    Why can they pick on the skinny people for a problem that may or may not even be there, and that is definitely not any of their business, yet if anyone calls a fat person in danger of developing diabetes, it's automatically a low blow.
    I don't understand people...
    Hang in there, love.

  3. you always wear the most adorable outfits.