Saturday, March 12, 2011

i need ur guys help please

hey guys i need ur advice here

um i was trying to do better and iw as for alil while at least but i had a slip recently and the boy noticed cause stupid me pretty much stopped eating or barely ate nething i didnt mean to slip i was really trying but yeah it happened

but neway we were talking last nite well he was talking an di was trying to not have a panic attack but he said that he coudlnt watch me kill myself nemore that its jeopordizing our relationship. hes like u know it can kill u right and of course i know that and that my health has gone down and the reason that i have been so sick lately is prob cause of the ed.

so it looks like i will b getting a therapist and a nutrionist and trying to get help but i refuse to go to ip i refuse to admit myself cause ijust cant do that. i dont even think im sick enough for help but just the pain in hes eyes killed me last nite he wants me healthy he said we cant move on or do nething over teh summer unless im healthy and that ih ave to try to try and eat better to try and beat it. u guys know i hate this i hate the ed and everything that goes with it and i wish that i didnt have it and i dont wish it on my worst enemy so yeah looks like i will b loooking into help. i made him realize that this thing will never completely going away its about controlling it but it iwll always b there.

so question is what to expect? like what is therapy and treatment and all that like im so scared i hate not knowing what is gonna happen and ih ave a hard time opening up to ppl but for the girls that have been trhu treatment can u give me some insight on it please?

i just need to know what is gonna happen im 25 so i know they cant like lock me away ugh my head is such a mess some1 help calm it down please


  1. I've been through therapy before for it when I was in high school and didn't have much of a choice. Therapy is all going to depand on your therapist. You have to find one that you are comfortable talking to if you want it to work. Let me know if you need anything! LOVE!

  2. CE's right--you need to find a therapist that you really like (and not some crackpot like your doctor). Shop around, I think a lot of them will offer a free consultation. And maybe try and find a support group? I dunno, it's tough. I'm trying to be a little better with eating, but there's still days where I slip up. Just remember it won't disappear overnight, and keep working at it--don't let slip ups get you discouraged. Maybe talk it over with your boyfriend so he knows to be supportive and not negative o the bad days.

    Deep breaths!! You can do it if you set your mind to it. <3 We're all behind you.

  3. just take the plunge and get better! :) you're so lucky to have a guy that cares that much about you!!

  4. That is sweet that your man loves you so much. I went to therapy when i was 15 and it did help change my eating patterns it just didnt get to the bottom of the mental problems behind it. So now im just fat and bulimic instead of purging type anorexic. Make sure you make it clear that you want to get to the problem behind the eating. Like the other girls say find a good therapist. Please try it coz it would be wonderful for you to be happier and able to enjoy life more. You have to take the chance. xo