Monday, March 7, 2011


so u guys ready to here about how my joke of a doctors appt went this morning.

so according to him im fine there is nuttin wrong and gluten allergies just dont come out of nowhere sinceim so young yup.

he checked my lungs and he said they sounded fine i told him about the pain in them and he said nuttin was wrong with them and i said my chest hurts and he listened to my heart and it was beating out of my chest and he didnt say nething about it.

i was honest with him i said i was weak and dizziness and shaky and my legs give out and i fall and they just said that there was nuttin they could do about that he asked if i was eating and drinking and i said yes cause really i am eating and drinking he didnt ask specifics about what i eat or how much he just asked general so i have him a general answer

he sent me for bloodwork to check my cholestrol and my liver and kidneys he said that if nething is wrong with that he would call but im fine and healthy and theres nuttin he can do

he gave me a nasal spray cause im congested but i told him im alwasy congested
and he asked is i was vomiting i said only when i eat to much dairy so he said to not eat dairy he looked at my throat but i guess he didnt c nething

my blood pressure was better is was 122/80 he was happy about that
he sent me for bloodwork and i said there forawhile cause its just a walk in place i did get some reading done they took 2 vials of my blood

i then went to walmart to get my prescritoion but the ass crack o fmy doc didnt call it in right away so i ended up bugyin 3 disney moives
*snow white
*mary poppins

i then went home and talked to mom and relaxed a lil and thenme and my sis went out and did some errands i go tmy prescritoion and went and got fruit got
*3 nectarines
*grape tomatoes
*dried pinapple
*almond milk
*10 cal lemonade
*gluten and dairy free pancake mix
*gluten and dairy free cookies
* nerd jelly beans

i almost [passed out again today i was at walmart for the second time and i got os shaky and so dizzy and i almost went done yeah ok doc im healthy if u say so

i just did the first dose of my nasal spray and u know what it mademe evenmore coongested and im sneezing up a storm


jessie-my doc didnt lsiten so it didnt matter

ayden- im 5'5 105 lbs the doc scale fully dressed was 108 wow hun thats crazy about he psych ward thing

mich-yes its from kohls of course lil i alwasy shop at kohls and id ont get it
either like y do ppl do that and y is it aight



  1. UGH! It pisses me off when doctors do that crap. I'm sorry; I hope you get some solid answer soon. If you don't, and you still feel like something is wrong, get a second opinion!

  2. Yeah you def need a new doctor.

    I hate nasal sprays. If they clear me up at all, they make my sinuses so dry that I'd rather have the congestion back. Serves me right for snorting things for so long I guess!!

    But yeah you should definitely go to another doc for a second opinion. Some doctors really are totally incompetent. Like mum recently went to a new doc for her heart and it turns out the old doc had her on a dangerously high dose of niaspan, and her blood was almost toxic. So some of them are just morons.