Friday, March 4, 2011


so i just made my doctors appt i will b going monday morning at 8:30 o what fun i wont eat or eat nething b4 i go well i will prob drink something just wont eat nething just get up shower and off i go. but ppl say that he cant give me nething for anxiety that id have to go to a specialist for that o what fun i'llc what i can do though

so weight this morning after shower naked with wet hair-104.6 lbs
weight with weight hair dressed with moccassins- 107.2 lbs
ugh gotta work this wkd to get that number down a lil b4 doc appt

im wokring 11-6pm today 10-7pm on sat and then 11-630pm on sunday then i have monday and tuesday off

well ima go relax a lil b4 i gotta spend 7 hours on my feet trying not to fall down
food log so far
b- lipton cup of soup spring vegetable
break at work im brining 1/2 cup papaya and 1/2 cup pinapple
d- is out with the boy tonite so who knows i try to eat good with him cause it keeps him happy

i will post a pic of my outfit later today if i have time or tomm
love u guys

ayden- im hanging in there the best i can u know what i mean yeah ims ure if i figured out what i wanted to do with my life i woulldnt b so stressed

thin_envy-no one ever says nething bout my low weight at the docs they just say good like what the fuck does good mean

manadagin-im ok im just relaly weak and tired

danae- im always here fo ru hun remember that


  1. oooh my doctor kept telling me i was depressed when i swore i had anxiety so watch out for that sweeite!

  2. My doctor kept insisting that I had ADD when I was really depressed. So yeah, doctors make mistakes too. Maybe you're not underweight? That would be the only other explanation for why they never say anything to you about it.
    Good luck with your appt though =]