Thursday, March 10, 2011

new pics

collar bones i love them the best they need to b out way more though

my legs ugh

my braclets i know ive prob showed this to u guys already but o well and ugh my wrist looks huge an di usually wear the "forza" and "breathe" on my other wrist but its all cut up and im sure u guys dont wanna c that

i tried to get pics of my back but couldnt get a good one


  1. You're legs are so so small! absolutely perfect :) x

  2. I love collar bones, and yours look amazing! BTW - where did you get your red bracelet? Did you make it yourself? I used to have a whole collection, but my ex threw them out a long time ago when he found out what they stood for. :-/

  3. amazing legs! so jealous! :O

    and such elegant, dancer's collarbones...

  4. I think you look perfect.
    If I took a picture of myself like that, you'd all wanna barf lol.
    I can stand with my feet shoulder width apart, and my thighs still touch. It's disgusting, lol so yeah. I'd kill to look like that haha

  5. i'm so jealous!
    i'm pretty sure the lower part of your calves are the diameter of my wrist! they're so small!
    and your bony knees are precious (:
    you inspire me so much. i want to be your weight so bad. thank you so much for the motivation.

  6. collar bones are probably me favorite things in the world... love them.

  7. You have the tiniest little legs, I'm so jealous (: