Tuesday, March 1, 2011


so i went running around with my mom again today i was planning on going to the grocery store by myself today bur she was doing errands and said i could ocme with her and we could do what she has to do and then go where i have to go and then i would still have myparking spot outfront since we took her car so yeah i went running around with her.

we frist went to kohls cause she wanted to get new walking sneakers and i was just browsing thru the clearance show section and she said she would get me something and since her shoes were like $30 she said i could get something that equaled that so i neded up getting 2 pairs from the clearance section i got a pair of cute flats and then a pair fo moccasins c cute

she even gave me her 15 percent off soupon for i can stop there after work tomm and get another pair of moccassins they have them in black too and god so comfy i never realized how comfy there were until today.

we had to go to target cause i needed more tea and shampoo and of ocurse they didnt have the shaampoo and conditiner i needed so we had to go to walmart after but i did mange to get some decaf green mint tea mom got what she needed at least

and then there is walmart yes they had my shampoo and conditoiner score one there and i hate walmart i only go in there as a last resrot but they do have a pretty good movie section i cant resist the old disney movies i just cant so i got the orignal alice and wonderland and ima go back evnetlly and get marry poppins and snow white im slowly gonna get all of them on dvd we have themon vhs but hello nomore vhs player i already have bambi on dvd from awhile go o yeah back to the point i got jelly beans as well yes i lovejelly beans and ionly ever eat them around easter and a box of honey nut chex mix cereal chex mix is the only cereal i can eat now since my sotmach app cant handle gluten nemore

but the gorcery store went good i managed to get my fruit and soup
*2 boxs of the cup of soup chicken noodle packets

by the time we got home though i was dragging so much my body really cant handle nething nemore i realized that i was dragging while we wereout i was walking so slow just forcing my body to keep going and my legs not to give out of me lik ethey have done lately hopefully ic an get to the docs next weeka nd get everything figured out and im really gonna try to get anxiety meds i just cant do it with out them nemore i need osmething to just take the edge off im paranoid all the time im stressed in anxious it leads to panic attacks and its so hard working retail with anxiety.

i did manage to get al il workout in today it wasnt much since im still so sick and i can barely do enthing nemore but i did manage to jogin place slowly with feet never leaving the floor for 30 mins straight i feel so much wworse now even more cold then iw as to begin with my legs ache more, my chest hurts my throats hurts head is cloudy my heart is just always a mess and im coughiing alot again o and my hole body hurts but im glad i got a lil workout in ive been going nuts lately and my stomach is getting a pouch ew hate it and once u get teh lower stomach pouch its harder to get rid of fuck me i should of starved more but god im jsut so weak as it is with this sickness that idk if i could

i did watch the oringal alice and wonderland today god i love that movie iv eread that book as well but the mad hatter just gets me everytime i love it such a great movie

and ive acutally been thinking about going back to school again and if u know me u know that i hate school its judst not my thing it never has been i never tried i just did enough to pass now if i acutally applied myself i could of done so much more caus im not sumb im acutally pretty smart i just never tried or applied my self school just never interest me in high school i never went and my senior if i had like one more absence they werent gonna let me graduate ha i graduated though and i also managed to ge tmy associates degree in acocuting managemtn yes it took me 4 years yes i was at a communoty college for 4 years but i did it didnt i go me but ive been out of school since um 2009 now and i have yet to find a job in my field they eithe want a bacholors degree or expeirince and ihave neither and i cant stand working in retail i cant do that for much longer im not a people person i cant do it

so i was thinking like one of those accelerated programs like pharmacy tech or medical assistand or medical admin. medicine has always interested me i just dont wanna b a doc or enthing id love to to physocolgy but i live in a small town no way i can kind a job in that and i cant move to a big city to many ppl to many panic attacks just thinking about big cities so i think ima do some researcho n it c if i can take all my classes online cause i cant do a college cmapus again and c how much it would cost cause as must of u know im always struggling with money

ok ima go curl up again im so cold and read a lil and then watch one treel hill, teen mom 2, and my life as liz 2

food log

o yesterday after i posted i ended up eating 2 nature valley trail mix bars and a peach

today so far ugh i know i suck
*2 servings fries(cooked in oven)
*1 serving onion rings(cooked in oven)
*1 honey bbq chicken bite
*4 bites grilled chicken
*gluten free brownie
*cup of chicken noodle cup of soup soup
*4 choc chip cookies
*2 handful jelly beans

ash- ur lucky ur mom can get them for u i wish i had some1 who could do that for me

dying to be pretty-love u too friend and i am gonna come out and ask him im trying to ge tmy weighing down to once a week but im still on the everyday kick ugh

mich-cathlitc really im not relgious im catholitic though or im suppose to b bu tmy dad didnt bring us up that way hes parents bought him up that way like chcurch and god all the time but he didnt do that to us and thanx for the pill advice


  1. U could totally be a medical assistant! Im pretty sure the two that are at my work just have like a certificate maybe not even that.

    and i'm totally jealous of your moccasins!

  2. I'm sorry you're so sick, hun.
    Yeah, going back to school is a really good idea. The more you know, the easier everything will be lol
    Your shoes are way cute, too! I love the black flats =]

  3. Lol I like the male Catholic docs only because they're the easiest for me to manipulate. From a psychological perspective...

    The medical field is good. My sis went through some training program for medical billing and got a job almost right away, a job that pays really well.