Monday, March 14, 2011


so my doc finally called yes the same asshat that i went to alst week they wanna follow up with me since he hasnt seen me since last week i told the secetray that he said he would call if nething was wrong and she said well hes look at ur chart and he wants to c u again im like ok so i go wednesday morning at 830am

i goot my blood work results in the mail
*tsh- normal

so my doc will yell at me about my choelstrol like he always does and accuse me of nt following the diet he put me on andit makes me just wanna yella t him too and juts say that i hate food i hate eating so idk y the levels are high yes that will prob get me in trouble but ugh he just drives me nuts

im guessing my stomachi s fine too since the level is normal so all teh sotmach pain is just nuttin idk i will c what he says on wed wheni c him hopefully he will acutally listen never know thoughb ut if he doesnt def gonna find another doc cause mine just dirves me fuckign bonkers

i managed to go toth e gymt oday ididnt do much causemy balance is still shit and im still getting dizzy but i walked ont he treadmill for 65 minutes at a speed of 2.5 mph it was the hill workout on level 5 so it changes the incline a lil but not much cause it was on such a low level but i burnt 179 cals doing that so its soemthing

went tot he grocery store after i got 2 bags of salad, 2 bags of grapes(1 is for ma), pinapple, papaya(never buying that again cause u dont get much after its all cut up) and a lil thing of dairy free promgrante ice cream

theni went to walmart got me more diuretics yes im addicted tot hem i admit it but i cant stop i need them somuch and got a pack of gum and some blue nailpolish

my titanic movie i ordred came in the mail yay its always on abc family and i just love the movie so much and u cant find it int he store so i ordered teh dvd off of amazon and it came yes fuck yes and my vogue mag came today as well

i havent done to well eating today i was suppsoe t frui and veggie fast didnt happen but ima make a good dinner soonish prob in an hour b4 dad comes home and theni ma restrcit tomm i wanna lose seomthing b4 the docs on weds so tomm i will prob have some fruit b4 work and then justl ike applesauce, jello and soy yogurt rest of the day

love u guys


ayden-thanx hun i have no idea what the root of my issues are so yeah

mandagin-yay we both watched it go us :) yeah i know i have been sick alot it sucks

desepree- yeah is usually do the elliptical ive tried yoga i just dont have the focus for it and i cant concentrate or shut my mind off long enough to do it o an dmy doc doesnt give a shit he thinks im fine


  1. i hope he listens to you at your app, dear. if not, i hope you find a better doctor lol!

    you're so strong, i can't believe you still go to the gym with how sick you've been. it's really amazing. wow.

    get well soon, lovely lady!


  2. Maybe the diuretics are the ones fucking up your stomach.I've noticed that I get really bad stomach aches for a couple days after taking a diuretic. Something you might want to look into.

    Hope you Dr's appt goes good. And he doesn't go apeshit on you.