Friday, March 18, 2011


so i just got off the phone wit the ultrasound appt set up person she was very nice i knwo i should of called tehi nsurance company while i had the card about therapy but i waqs just to scared at the time i will do it eventaully though i promise

well i go tuesday at 915am for it. they do it in the morning caus ei have to fast for 8 hours b4 handnot a problem there but since they are doing my abdomen and pelvis she said that i had to drink 24 ounces of water and hour b4 i come in and i cant go to the bathroom until after the appt so well thats gonna b tons of fun she asked if i was pregnant or ne chance i said no cause idid just have my period what liek 2 weeks agi yeah it was light but it was there and it wasnt just spotting and then she asked my weigh tim not sure exact since ive been hovering around numbers but i said 104 i might b under that by tuesday thoguht but hey its set up and i can figure out y im in so much pain all the damn time

i went sopping with my mom today and i got grapes, bananas, 3 mangos, 2 soy yougrts, nerd jelly beans, fruit looops, and apple jacks

while we were out i adtempted to get a breakfast sandwhich i acutally went into the stopre up the the touchscreen and was looking at them an dijust coudlnt do it ijust coudlnt it was to hard ma was with me but seh didnt say enthin gijust said they all have cheese shes like u want mcdonalds im like no to much grease so ijust camehom eand had soem fruit loops with my almond milk htye hurt but yum do i love me my fruit loops

well ima go to the gym for alil try and attmept to do elly and read a lil then home to clean room shower and sit outside for alil b4 ihave to get ready for date nite with the boy

i'll ppost a pic of my ourfit later i promise

ok so i got this award so thank u sou much to lou and stfusarah i got it from both of u guys and i really appreciate it so much it means alot that u guys think that about me and that u gys acutally read my blog i just started it to let out my emotions cause it all gets tomuch at time and to know that ppl still read it and our interested in my crazy fucked up thoughts is just amazing

ok 7 facts hmm gotta think

1)im addicted to ceral i dont like milk so i eat it dry most of the time usually just out of the box i have gone days with just eating ceral yes u guys might think its weird but i love it i ccan only eat certain kinds though all kinds arent for me

2)i love the smell of vanilla its the best smell in the wrold well almost i say the best smell in the work is the smell of a newborn vanilla is a close second though

3)im easily distracted like extermemlyeasily mythougts dont stay on one thing for 2 long

4)my fav movie is titanic i can watch it over and over again and never get sick of it

5)i have an addcitiong ot books u can never haven eough and iddnt start reading til college an dihave books everywhere now

6) i love learning new things im always curious and i will learn nething and try nething just about once

7)o and im alwasy cold like always it could b 85 degress out and im still cold well a chicll not freezing but u guys know what i mean

ok now 10 ppl to pass it on too
2)used for glue
3)scared blogger


  1. Heyyy hun, got your comment, although not sure what said award is??? Do I have to post seven things about myself too etc?

    Thankyou though, very happy to be so high on the list too, you're such a hero. Always commenting on my blogs n stuff. Thankyooooooo!


  2. I love cereal and the smell of vanilla too! Heck yes! I could eat cereal 3 times a day. That's how much I love it.

  3. congrats on the award hun!! I adore vinalla as well!

  4. Thanks, hun. You're the best!!!

    Cereal is dangerous. I'll sit there and eat it right out of the box, too. And I'll finish the whole box....

    Hope your ultrasound goes ok. I had to get one of those where they make you come in with a full bladder and it sucked, but at least they're usually pretty quick because they know you have to pee really bad.


  5. Good luck with your ultrasound I would be nervous as shit. Thanks for the award Ill try to post it tomorrow because of course I already blogged today haha! thanks so much for all your comments I do read your blog daily, i just suck at leaving comments i never know what to say haha especially since youre so skinny, i have alot to learn from not you from me haha stay strong