Sunday, August 1, 2010


so i guess i should tell u how my day went. nothing exciting cause u iknow i was at wokr im alwasy at work u guys should know that by now

but yea work on sunday means clean clean clean its craziness im tired fomr cleaning i know it was a good workout idk how many cals i burned but i knw i burned a good amount cause my tummy was growling so much while i wasdoing it and i ate b4 i went in and had a snack whil ei was there. i had to test the pool today i have to test the pool everyday it sucks so i get to stick my arm in water daily ugh o well part of the job. andi have to finish up payroll i did most of it yesterday so today all i had to do was print out the time card sheet for the boss could print out/sign the checks tomm yeah thats all he does i do the rest of the payroll. i didnt get a chance to read ne of shutter island while i was there cause cleaning took most o fmy time. i did

*cleaned all 4 bathrooms
*vacummed and mopped both the boys adn girls locker rooms
*vacummed and mopped the classroom/party room
*vaccumed the dive side
*cleaned all the mirrors in the rooms
*empty garabage cans
*dust off top of beds
*vacummed and mopped tan side

now that im home i re4ally just wanna read this amamzing fic that im reading bu ti know once i start i wont wanna stop and i really have to look for a job so im thinking mayb doing anhour of job searching/ hopefully appling and then i can read the rest of the nite o and do a few hundred crunches as well

tomm ima go to the gym the first time in god over 2 weeks since ive been really sick. i need a workout and yeah im still tired and weak and run down but at least my chest pains are dying down a lil and i can breathe so tomm im thinking ima do 45 mins on elly i love elly and that will b a pretty good workout so yay for that

food log
*bottle of water
*cup of strawberries-50 cals
*cup of cantalope-55 cals

at work 9-120pm
*sport bottle of water-0cals
*vitamin water0- o cals
*peach- 65 cals

right now i just snacked on some cashews and i got a cup of hot promgrante green tea and a liter of water sittingin front of me

dinner im planning on doing green beans(90) and 6 aparagus spears(20)

i might have bed time snck but im not sure yet it will prob just b some fruit if i do

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