Friday, May 13, 2011


i was soupset that blogger was down yesterday th eone day i was really freaking out and needed to type everything out it was down buthey it happens sometimes and things need to b updated so i cant fault them for that

im still kinda freaking out and im wondering what other ppl think of me lik ei know how i think of myself not pretty enough not smart enought not perfect enough not skinny enough just not enough of nething

i just wonder what other ppl c what complete stangers think when they c me walking around do they thinkm im too skinny or do theythink like me and c the fat cow that i really am

idk what to think nemore im so confused ijust wanna give up on everything i dont wanna eat nemore i wanna b so skinny so fragile so breakable

i gotta go crunch away the food i ate right now sicne i nearly passed out while i was out running errands

i will post a pic of my outfit either later today or tomm


  1. i totally know how you feel! i was also upset yesterday and freaking out and when i got on to pour out what i was feeling blogger was down): i wonder that too. do people think how i think? or do they think diffret? i happy there are people that think like me in a way its comfoting
    <3 brittney

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough day! I was a little lost without blogger as well. I'm sorry you've been fixating on what others think... That's no fun. This probably sounds cheesy, but you should do this for yourself, screw the rest of them. Once you love yourself, you'll realize they do, too!