Monday, May 16, 2011

new design

i just wanted to let u guys knwo i changed my blog up a lil
i made a new header and a footer yes i made those if neone ever wants one made for their blog just let me knowand i will gladly make it for u
i also choose a differnt background which took me forever to decide on im horrible at making decisions
and i added a new tab its called pics of me i willl try to update it once a month right now i have pics form 5/14/11 on there its just to show my progress hopeufllly it will show good progress of losses but im sure iw ill have some gains int here as well since i sturggle with binging and purging as well

well let me know what u think


  1. I love the new header and footer, you did great with making them! I also think the pictures tab is a great idea

  2. Wow you look great!! Love your tattoo!!

  3. i love it. its so light and airy....
    im also loving the tabs!

  4. I like it. The tabs are good. Your "This is Me" tab was very interesting. You've really struggled.