Sunday, May 22, 2011

computerbackgrounds/ pics

ima give u guys a break from my crazy fucked jumple of my head rambling since i knwo im driving u all nuts

computer backgrounds made them friday

outfit( i wore it friday but no1 saw it sense i didnt c the boy idk what he did that nite)

how i had my hair styeld friday nite( its a french braid that when across the top then down the side and pulled into a side pony)

still owe u all a pic o fmy har but i gotta redo it the color ididnt cover it all and its amess so hopefully later i will have a pic for u


  1. i love your new blog layout. sorry i haven't dropped by in what seems like so long, i hope you're doing well. i love your outfit and hairstyle. i wish i could style my hair like that but it's too short *huff*
    thanks again for your encouragement and kind words, it means a lot.X

  2. Hey,

    Loving the new layout!

    Wish i could braid my hair as well as you can

    x x

  3. Your backgrounds are pretty! I especially love the first one. Your legs are so skinny, your knees don't even touch! Congrats! I love your hair, I've always wanted to try incorporating braids into a hairstyle. I have no idea how to frenchbraid though, it seems so difficult. I hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Love the outfit and your hair. That was a really cute style. :)

  5. you dont drive me nuts.
    loooove your hair :P

  6. Your hair is so elaborate and fantastic, I almost wish I hadn't gone the pixie route so I could have braids again!

    That outfit's great, it's too bad no one saw it... :)

  7. I say who the hell cares if no one saw your outfit, you looked smashing and should dress up for your damn self :p all smiles of course I know it's cooler if someone got to bask in your beauty and style but if they were unlucky enough to be left out so be it :)