Thursday, May 26, 2011


so i decided to write out some rules formyself since i have been doing really bad lately like really bad
i weighed myself this morning and i was 107.6 last week i was 105 so i gained alil over 2 lbs in a week a fucking week wtf i was trying i really was trying the recovery as u can tell i was eating more and i last week i didnt even go to the gym once now that was hard but last week was a torture on my anxiety and my health and my head and just everything

my period is a lil late mayb thats the weight gain all the water weight idk it was suppose to come on tuesday it didnt and it didnt cmoe on wed either and it was only al il this moirnng but im not in pain and trust me when i get mine its is torture i susally pass out from the pain im sure it will come though prob later today it does that sometimes and me and the boy r careful im on the pill and he pulls out yes i know we shoudl use condoms but yeah they wwere never my thing

but yeah neway my rules they are just general ones:

*avoid the food that makes me sick(dairy gluten raw veggies)- i havent really been doing that much and u guys know how bad my stomach is so yeah im pretty much in pain all the time
*drink plenty of water- i tend to get dehyrated alot
*least 1 cup of caffeien free tea a day-usually not aproblem i dirnk like 3 a day but its getting hotter so it will b harder
*only eat meat when i have too-ive been eating it during the week and i shouldnt so from now on only chicken when me and boy go out to eat
*eat tons of fruti and veggies-not a problem cherries are back in season love those
*avoid junk-gotta stip snacking on the chips
*some sort of exercise everyday- like crunches or the gym if i can get there
*try to not eat after 8pm-ive been working nites this week and wheni get home atlike 930 ive been eating gotta stop thtat like now

so i went and saw my lil couisn graduate preschool today it was the cutest lil cermony ever and she just looked so adorable in her lil cap aww so cute an di got to c her too lil crazy brothers and i mess my new cousin as well everyoen else has meet her and im alwasy working but she is this cute lil chubby thing she was dressed all in pink so cute

we are having apicninc on monday for memorail day so i will get to c her again as well i might have to work so hopfully they are still there when i finally get there and theya re doing like hot dogs and hamburgers so yeah no food for me i dont like those

its getting exetermly hot here in new jersey we went a hole week with those crazy storms the rain and thunfer tornada watches and flood warnings last week was crzy here and it wasnt like insanely hot either and now bad from one extreme to another its gonna hit close to 90's today yesterday it was in the 80's so yes hot i love hot but my room is tiny and it gets barely ne air so im like sweating in my room makes it even harder to drink my tea

im having the hardest time loooking at myself lately i just see all the fat adn teh flaws and it all and i jsut cant handle it nemore i have to change hence the rules up top

ok heres my exercse log for th eweek so far
*5/23/11- 65 mins elly level 5- 460cals burned
*524/11- 65 mins elly level 5- 461 cals burned
*5/25/11 65 mins elly level 5- 461 cals burned

no gym today since i went to my cousins preschool graduationg ima try to go tomm though
and i washed my car for a lil under 1 hours yesterday as well
food log for the week u dont even wanna know i wanst even keeping track thats how bad it was

today im doing better though so fari had 1 apples, cup of green tea, cup of lipton cup of soup and some water
i have to work 5-930 as well so idk what else ima eat today but it wiill prob b something


unbeautiful-thanx hun ima dye the top black soon though the blonde washes me out a lil

graceyj-my hair is a mess as well u just cant tell but really its really dmamaged and thats as long as ir will grow

bones-yeah im planning on dying the top black tomm

kitkat- i wish i could have extensions i want long hair mine doesnt grow as longer then it is now

aly- thats the plan hun to go with the black i look better with black hair


  1. Well if you were shooting for recovery then the 2 pound upage is technically a good thing. Progress in a direction you may not be comfortable with but progress in health, if that's what you were after.

    You're lucky you like the hot. I'm in NY and it's 85 freaking degrees and I hate it. I'm a chilly willybee by heart.

    Why don't you try bringing almonds or something healthy to munch on at work so you don't have to eat so late at night? What kind of job do you have?

  2. Some weeks are a bit more hectic or a bit less organised than others, don't worry it happens to every single one of us :)

  3. I wish I could like the heat, but I can't stand it!!! I'd have eternal winter if I could control the weather... And my house is the same--it's really badly designed for central air, so even if we did have the AC on, my room tends to stay blazing hot. >:( Is it sick that that's one of the biggest reasons I want to be underweight, so I don't suffer so much in the heat? Ah well...

    Hope you have a good weekend, luv! And I don't blame you avoiding that stuff at the picnic. Hot dogs are nasty.


  4. I am jealous of your hot weather, it's been unbearably cold here! Your rules sound good, and I'm sorry you're in so much pain!