Monday, May 9, 2011

water for elephants

ok so i just got home from seeing the movie and i promised u guys that i would blog about it as soon as i got home

so me and sis went to the 4:05pm showing we wanted to go to a ealier show for it would b cheaper but the early one was closed captions an dyeah we didnt wantt hat so we went tot he later one and i spent $21.50 on 2 tickets and since it was mondy they have $2 candy and it was sour patch kids so i got that for her and i only ate 4 of the yellow ones my head was pounding and i was gettign dizzy so yeah and we were the only ones int he theater it was in theater 9 out of 12 so that means its not gonna b out in my stupid ass town long such a fucked up thing but mayb i can get it on bootleg till its out on dvd the boy knows a guy so hmmm mayb he can get it for me

ok so now on to the movie i absolutly loved it it was great amazing ugh just so so so good and if u havent seen it u have to c it i order u too so ha dani says to go c it so go c it

idk y ppl were bashing it i read a few reviews and they wwere like bashing the acting and i dont agree with them at all on it all the actors did a great job they really got into character adn they palyed them good rob was great in teh movie i think ppl just bash him cause of the twiligh movies(which i think he is great in) but he really did act good in the movie and reese was amzing as well

they def stuck to the book and i was happy about that of course they cut out a few things but hey they alwasy do that and they did change a few things but not alot i so a sthi ton of scenes pulled straight from the book and i love when they do that i love when they keep scenes exactly the same and it comes to life ont he screen i hate ho some books they cahnge things and its just not the same like dear john they totally fucked that up how do u fucking change the ending like really u cant do that

but rest assured guys they didnt change the ending in water for elephants and im happy about that my sis also loved it as well she was like bouncing in her seat on certain parts and im like u have to read the book it goes into more detail

so yes i know i suck at reviews but i really did love the book they did a great job brining it to life from paper to screen im reallly critcal when if comes to books being made into movies casue i feel like they have everything right therein there hand they can reference nething cause they have the book and the author to turn too and when they fuck them up it just doesnt make sense like how can u change things how can u change teh authors vision of it but they didnt do that here

so go out and c it i mean it go c it and let me know what u guys think but i adored it
and i know some ppl wont like it cause everyones taste is different but at least give it a try and read the book too cause the book is one of those where u just cant put down u have to keep reading and reading to find out what happens next to find out the end and the end ties it all together i usually hate enedings of books but i liked this ending

so i made 2 computer backgrounds ima work on more tonite so i will post them later as well


  1. My Mum brought me tickets to the movie for some fundraising thing she's doing. Anyways i was like no-way am i going to that!Hehe. BUT i think you changed my mined. I really do like love stories.
    Thankyou for all your lovely comments!
    Stay strong.♥

  2. Ugh, I want to see it even more now that I've read your review!

  3. Omg girl! I loved that movie soo much too! I haven't read the books yet, it's on my summer to do list. But if the movie was that good I'll take your word that the book's even better! <3

  4. Ooo I can't wait to see that when it comes out to rent.