Friday, May 20, 2011


ugh my comptuer is being a bitch or it might b blogger idk but ive beent rying to upload pics all day and it wont let me so when it finally will u will have thinspo post(on my other blog) and then myoutfit on here and a pci of my hair

i dyed it today ig ot bored and my head was going crazy i didnt to do somthing extreme and different so i dyed it i wanted to starve or cut or purge but im tyring to not b so self destructive i cant ahve the boy lose me too

so i bought black and red ahir dye i did red underneath and black on top but since my hair was so many different colors to begin with its kinda all over the place i still like it but i will dyeit again in a week to try an dmake it more normal

o and im liking express clohtes i know i nomrally dont like how clothes fit but the clthes from there acutally fit me better im so use to clothes being so big and baggy on me even though i cant c that im skinny i know other ppl do so yeah clothes dont fit and i hear everyday how my clohtes never fit how they ar elose and baggy on me

but itried on a black halter from express and it fit good it was a flowy fit which i love but its not even bigger on me then normal my sis was like schoked that it fit me she like it fits and it looks good on ur boobs look good

o and i tripped up the stairs today yes up them not down them i think im the only person in the world who can trip up them but yeah i was lost in my head and thoughts and i wasnt paying attention and i tripped it didnthelp that i had cup of hot soup and liter bottle of water witih me i dropped the water to save the soup scared the shit out of mom when the water came bouncing down she though it was me but i only spilled a lil of the soup i did tweak my bad leg alil though and i am limping but its ok iw ill b ok


  1. I want to see your hair! Sometimes drastic changes to appearance are just what we need. I hacked all of my hair off a few months ago.

    (I trip up the stairs all the time.)

  2. Pffft don't ever feel alone in your clutzy mishaps. I bet everyone here could regale us with clumsy tales of near horrors ;)

    That's awesome a shirt fit you and got other people noticing too. Those flowy ones look like maternity wear on me for some reason haha.

    Hair is one of the things that are a great game changer on a body. You can do whatever you want and then practically erase it if need be. I hope you'll like it once your art is completed.

  3. I fall down the stairs every day its an off day if I don't. lol

  4. I'd love to see a picture of you hair! I'm really glad you're staying away from self-destruction and cutting, it must be really difficult for you and I'm proud of your determination (I honestly don't know what you are going through, because I have never purged yet and only cut a few times). I love the clothes in Express, a lot are really expensive for me though. I hope you're okay after tripping up the stairs! It was smart though, to sacrifice the water for the soup. :) I hope you have a lovely day!

  5. Good job on keeping safe =] well except for tripping up the stairs lol, I do that all the time but only because I always run up them like big child XD