Saturday, May 7, 2011



the boy liked it said i looked reall ynice i try to look nice when i c him cause i dont get to c him much

but we got in a kinda arguement not really b ut my stomach issues is driving me crazy hes like itsnot right that everything makes u sick that ur in so much main and that u cant eat it means soemthing is srsly wrong im like theres nuttin they can do for it thers no cure for itjust meds to help but tis alwasy gonna b there but he thinks its more serious thenw hat the doc says it is

hes like u dont c urself try to eatur make werid faces its painful its like theres sometihng wrong with the food well if thats how i atei guess that explains y some1 came up to b 3 times last nite asking if i was aight if the food was aight the first was the manager after she took my side salad away i only at a few bites of it manly cause me adn lettuce dont get alone but she came up and asked if everything was aight if there was sometihng wrong with it i said no and then waitress came up 2 times wheni was trying toeat my plain grilled chicken and fries

like iu nderstand they are doing their job but y do they have to bug me yeshi have aneating disorder yes i have stomach issues but is it really their place to comment on it not everyone eats everything that is on their plate

but if wha the boy said is true i guess they were thinking that osemthing was wrong withmy food

i cant eat nemore not cause of my eating disorder well tahts alwasy there but i cant eat cause i just phycailly cant i feel so sick and in such much painits horrid
i ate a few ofmy leftover fries this morning cold of course cuse i hate walking downstairs with food and every bite ijust wanted to throw it back up an dnot on purpose its like my body wanted it out too

what is wrong with me do ihave osmethingmore serious then IBS did i fuck up my body so much that i just cant eat nemore like wtf if im still sick hes not gonna wanna spend time with me we arent gonna b able to go onvacation he said that we shoudlnt go out ot eat nemore since theres nuttini can eat which cuts our tiem together in half cause he would prob go out with hes friends and then come over whenever i miss him enough as it is


  1. thats a really tough situation to be in. my only advice is to as healthy as posible... so if there is a time where your body isnt rejecting food take advantage of it and get some protein, fibre and vitamins in. thats a mark of a good restraunt if they make sure u like the meal i can see how it would be annoying though. take care. xo

  2. i really liked your outfit it was very cute. and ik what your going through...its the same with yes i also have and eating disoreder no i dont want help though but after i do eat a certain amount i just get so sick i cant do anything all i want to do is puke but i try to not. take care
    <3 sfp brittney
    p.s can you look at my blog please? its it wo auld really help i just started posting a couple days ago and i know ppl are looking at it but no one is commenting

  3. Your outfit was really cute. :)
    I'm sorry things are so hard with your eating. It sucks having a sensitive stomach. I used to have really bad food allergies so I know it's hard to have to avoid certain foods otherwise you'll get sick. I hope you start feeling better soon. I hope the meds help.

  4. Thats a really nice outfit, I think its really funny how u always call ur bf the boy lol,


  5. Hi Dani♫♪
    You look great in that dress. It'll be a great summer dress. I so love knee-high boots.

    It sounds like your bf doesn't know you have an eating disorder. He seems like a real decent guy♥♥♥♥ Does he think it's all physical and your doctor maybe just didn't diagnos you right? Is he able to understand that ED really isn't about food? My husband tries to understand but he's like, "Just eat it...or get something you can eat."