Tuesday, May 3, 2011


so ive decided to to sometihng kinda crazy and insane and idk ifi can do it but ima try
so ive decided that im not gonna weigh myself at all this month i weighed myself this month and im not gonna weight myself again til im at the doc office in june then i will know my weight i have to go to 2 docs in june my normal one to c how my cholestrol meds are working and to hopefully get meds for my ibs and then the gyno fo rmyyearly check up and hopefully get new pills casue ive been onthe same one for years and now imjust in so much pain when ihave it and its so much heavier i need a new pill

so im 5'5 my weight this moring was 107.6 which brings my BMI to 17.9
ew im above anorexic bmi that has to change so i guess in amonth i will c where my weight is


  1. I'm currently too afraid to jump on a scale, I fully support your decision! I might also weigh myself in a month, instead of daily.

  2. Good on you! I currently have NO scale, since my parents found out that i was secretly weighing myself far too often, so they hid it. I only get weighed when i'm at the docs, which is fortnightly now. Grrr....i HATE RECOVERY.
    But anyways, my BMI is currently 17.9 - same as you!
    We can do it! Get it lower!

  3. your bmi is fine darl. good luck on not weighing, you can do anything you set your mind too.
    take care.X

  4. wow, I know how hard not weighing yourself can be. Good luck!

  5. Good luck, luv!! It's a good idea I think. The scales just make us too neurotic.


  6. Good luck, I haven't weighed in 6 days and it's so frustrating because I am used to doing it 6/7 times a day. xx

  7. Good luck on not weighing. I went two weeks and that was hard but it is possible. A BMI of 17.9 isn't bad. It's still rather low. Stay safe and stay strong.

  8. Good luck lovely, Thats a tough one,
    Ur BMI is fine hun,
    Love you