Sunday, May 8, 2011

ignorant people

ok i just need to post something that happened at work yesterday im just so tired of ignorant paople and their way of thinking and joking and commenting on eating disorders like they know what they are talking about when really they have no clue cause they dont know how it is to live with one the torture and hell it is to have the voices in ur head fuckers

but neway it was after closing and me and 2 other girls were just standing around talking while we were waiting for the managers to finish for we could go home

well yeah the one girl goes "im not anorexic or nething i love food but i have like these anorexic phases were im just not hungry so i dont eat but then i get hungry and eat"

and im standing there trying to not like blow up on them cause being anorexic isnt about eating or not eating and its not like we arent hungry in all intent and purposses wer are hungry we fight that hungry daily we fight everything daily

i wish i could just yell and just set thema ll straight cuase its driving me nuts mayb they would stop with allt he omg ur skinny omg ur clothes never fight i would kill to b ur size if they only knew that i really am dying for being this skinny that my health is dropping quickly they might joke that im alwasy sick but if they only knew the truth ugh


acka11-thanx hun it is rough and i cant help it but i eat event hough im nasouses i should take it to my advantage though adn just not eat and lose weight and then when i go to docs next month they will c im not ok

starvingforperfection-yeah i will follow ur blog hun

unbeaitulf-did u get over ur allergies orno are u still dealing with them? ive treid lactaid b4 it made me throw up blood scared the boy so i dont take it nemore

scaredblogger-ive alwasy called hium the boy i dont even think about it nemore. im alwasy here if u need me hun

kodiak- heknows aobut my ed hun trust me he knows hes seen me at my 2 lowest and has almost hospitalized me a few times so yes he knows i just dont think he understand the docs diagnosis of IBS

thin_thighs-thanx hun

mich-yeah they are meant to b messy but i cant find nething so its now do for a good cleaning when it gets like that its time i just dont know what to do nemore my stomach is gettign wrose its hard

littlejo-thanx hun ur doing well too

diet coke please- the funny thing is i do wanna go to my lowest even if it did wreck my body

sarah- i will never b 100 percent ijust gotta deal with that


  1. aww yeah i know what you mean. It's the worst. People really have NO idea of what its like being anorexic. I just want to yell at all my classmates at school who always say insensitive things like this. We sadly, just have to live through this.
    Stay strong, sweetpea <3

  2. Good you didn't yell at them, I guess. :) It's so hard not to fly into a rage when people say stupid things like that. But I guess until you really get to know an eating disorder up close and personal, you really can't understand what it's like. Still makes me mad, though. I'd sell my soul to have that ignorance back.


  3. i would have yelled at them i hate it when people comment on how i dont eat much i want to you yell them about it. but its good you didnt and that you kept your cool even though it must have hard though good job(:


  4. I don't have as much problems with them now. I only have to worry when I eat too much of the stuff I have problems with. But with dairy, I have to have a lactaid. Sorry it didn't work for you. That sounds scary to throw up blood.
    Hopefully your coworkers get over their ignorance. That's bogus what they said.

  5. I hate when people are terribly ignorant like that! It's a good thing you didn't yell at them though, that may have raised suspicion. I also despise when people call any model that's remotely thin "anorexic" and "god she needs to eat a cheeseburger, she's so unattractive", it's completely rude and insane. Sorry about the rant haha. Hope you have a beautiful day, you deserve it! :)

  6. I'm sorry you had to deal with that ignorant girl, people really don't understand! I also hate being treated like a second-class citizen because of my disorder. I can't help the way I am, any more than a person can help having cancer. It's a part of me, and all I can do is try to be better. People need to be educated on these things!