Monday, May 23, 2011

hair/comment replies

ok so i promise du a pic of my hair an di have its different the color didnt take right at all even after to attempts so i had to strip part of it i did it today it was suppose to b black on top and red underneath well the black didnt teke right at all idk y i never had this issues but i guess since my hhair had so many different colors in it to begin with idk it took on some parts some parts it didnt so i still had the highlights so i stripped the top part o fmy hair and left teh undereath the way it was this is how it is im trying to deicde if i should dye the top again try to get it to go black or leave it with the way it looks now yes thats how it turned out when i stripped it let me know ur opions guys

comment replies

*danae-thanx hun an dits ok dont apologize for that im glad ur dong well though ive been keeping up with ur blog have u thought about letting ur hair grow out for u can style it diffrently

*because i love who i can become-thanx hunny

*little jo-thanx hun m loving the layout as well there are like how to braid things online im sure u can teach urself i taught myself

*americaneagle- u can use the background if u want just save it to ur computer and then u can change it to ur background french braiding isnt hard i taught myself it takes al il getting use to but once u get the hang of it its not bad at all. im really self destructive its just my nature i guess and be glad that u cant really purge its hell and ive beent rying to stop cutting for awhile now i just cant do it i relay on it to much its my way of dealing with my emotions since i dont knowhow to deal with them nomrally i cant just cry i cant i ihave to cut thepain out

*unbeautiful-thanx hunny sometiems its just harder to give up though u know im glad im not the only one falling up the stairs ive been to my fair share of funerals and it never gets easier i had to b there for him i just had to

*graceyj-im glad that i dont drive u nuts and thanx hun givign up it so much easier though

*bones-its not really that elaborte but thanx hunny aw pixie cut i would never b able to cut my hair that short mayb u can grow it out sometimes if u want an dthen u can do the braids its so rough and so hard and my head doesn shut up engough for me to even think o fa way to get thru it i finally posted a pic of my hair hope u like it and i do drastic changeds all the time it keeps me sane c i wont cut my hair im scared of that but i will dye it ne color

*displayed- thanx for that hun i acutrally liked that outfit and that is rare sincei never like how i look in clohtes it was a cute outfit though thanx hun but its ahrd for me to just think about myself ive never done that cuause i just cant face myself so i worry and face other things other ppl just to run away from my problems idk how to deal with my problmes or emotions i just cant i cant make sense of everything that is going on in my head. yeha my fmaily has been thru alot and so has hes so its just a hard time it seems like its alwasy hard though and idk if i can beat my ed its been ingrained in my brain since god for a s long as i can remember itdidnt just hit me at one point ive been werid with food my hole likfe it just like gets bigger and bigger

*thinqueen1-yeah thats not the issue with me yeah recovery will hurt but i have stomach issues as well on top of my ed there are alot of things i cant eat cause of allergies or my IBS so it makes it even harder for me. im alwasy clumsy its just the way i am u think i would grow out of it already but nope not a day goes by that i dont fall or walk into to something

*ally-wow everyday damn dont hurt urself when u fall down. idk how everything will b fine or ever fine everything is alwasy a mess

*black angel- im trying to b strong but its so hard to b strong to fight against everything that i know

*dietcokeplease-i alwasy run up the stairs and down them too its a lil bit extra exercise


  1. I like your hair like that. It's a pretty color. Both colors are really.

  2. can i please have your hair (: mine is all slit and damaged lol

  3. Both colors are lovely, though I think the black would look fantastic, as well!

  4. My hair is the worst hair ever lol. I always have extensions in it. I think u shld jst leave ur hair the way it is now.

  5. WOW it looks gorgeous! I think go with the black <3

  6. Oooo I love the colour!! It really is a gorgeous shade of copper. <3