Tuesday, May 10, 2011

comment replies

*starving for perfection- i do feel quilty but o well its just the way my brain works my kindeys are ok at the moment ijust get werid shapr pains all over my body they will last a few days then go away nuttin to b worreid about my body is just a mess yes i love donating clothes the words in the background that u like are " when things are bad we take comfort in the thought they could always be worse and when they are we find hope inthe thought that things are so bad they have to get better"

*lil jo-yes i pushed thru the workoutim not a quitter so i had to keep going and i so bought my sis sour patch kids at the movies andi did love it such a good movie

*becasue i love who i can become-yeah life is alwasy buys for me

*alick-k-i dont hate u crazy uve been dealing with ur own life and im so proud of u for sticking to recovery

*liesel-u better go c it and dont listen to all the reviews bashing it is really was a good movie

*bones-yay im glad that i made u wanna c itmore

*sarah-ur welcome hun glad u like them

*dark6_fairy-thanx hun u can use them if u want

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  1. thats also how my brain works at times haha. ok i hope it nothin serious keep well and thank you(: