Saturday, May 14, 2011

new pics

so iw anted to updated but i coudlnt think of nething to say so i deicded to just take a couple pics and show u guys that im really not as skinny as everything thinks i am im huge and i need to lose alot more weight until i can even be considered skinny

but neway sorry if this grosses u guys out osrry that u have to look at the fat that is me i did eat alil and had nearly a liter ofwater b4 taking these pics go di gotta stop eating all together again i need to b empty and pure it makes everything better when im empty

so me and the boy went to chili's last nite we meet our 2 friends there he told me 2 hours early so i had time to freak out and look up the menu and i did and i was trying so hard to find osmething that i coud eat that wouldnt completely kill my stomach cause i know that he hates to c me like that he even told me on the ride over to try and pick something that wouldnt b too bad it took me froever to find it i just wanted soup but he said i coudlnt just get soup so i ended up getting this grilled chicken meal it came with rice and beans but i cant eat beans so the waiter said i coudl pick a different side and guess waht they had cinnamon apples as a side and fuck were they good i acutally ate all of them and i just picked at the other part of my meal its called margarita grilled chicken it was grilled chicken with picodegala and tortiall strips i didnt eat the strips of the pico but i did have a few bites of my chicken a few spoons of my rice and all ofmy cinnamon apples

they got this appetizer that had 3 different things on it i just had 1 piece of chicken from it and 1 thing of celery i think i did good and the boy was happy andi wasnt too sick either

im getting dehyrated though an di tried to explain it to him hes liek u have to drink im like i am drinking but my stomach hes like r u thrwoing up alot again im like no i only thorw up like once a month i think it finally got it though yes i know we have been together nearly 8 hours but im embarrased to talk bout stuff like that but i go back to the doc in less then amonth so hopefully i can get osemthing for it i know one medicine they use to IBS is anitdepressants mayb i can get that it can help my stomach and help clear my head as well

i gotta do crunches im nasoues though stupid me had a lil dairy earlier and im sore cause its suppose to rain my body hurts alot when its suppose to rain or snow yeah it sucks

i work 5-930 today unless i get called in earlier whichi m kinda expecting but hope it doesnt happen

heres my work scheudle for next week

im hoping on my days off to get to teh gym i have been slacking on my workouts lately and i really need to get back into them i need to have sweat pouring off of me i need to b out of breathe and ineed to lose weight so yeah

wel im done bambling i think love u all


  1. You look pretty skinny to me, miss!! I wish my hip bones stuck out like that. :/

    Chili's is one of the restaurants on my Death List--so far I haven't found a single thing on their menu that doesn't make me sick. TGIF's and Applebees are on the list as well...

    Do you have Houlihan's by you? The one by us has this new "small plates menu," and some of the things on it are really low cal. And then you can order 2 plates so it looks like you're eating a lot. Some of the things are pretty bland, so my tummy likes it. :D

    Hope you're having a good weekend. xoxo

  2. your way skinnier than me.. keep strong

  3. Can I just say:
    I love your tattoo. And you look better than you think you do.

  4. What!!You look fabulous!
    I just wish that someday I could look like this!

  5. You look amazing. I wish I looked as good as you. And I love your tattoo.
    I like Chili's. I like their southwestern eggrolls and what you had. I didn't know they had cinnamon apples though. Maybe I'll try that sometime. :)

  6. you look amazing! and im jealous of your hipbones. You are AMAZING.
    *jealousy is directed your way from me*

  7. you look delicious. If I were a lesbian I would fall right in lust with your bod ma dear. Don't be so hard on yourself. smile.