Thursday, June 10, 2010


had my doc appt at 830 this morning i go to planned parenthood for my yearly exam and to get my birth control because i dont have insurance to c an acutual u know real gyno so i go there and ive been going there for what like 6 years now.. and this year was the first time they didnt weight me i tthk they were just rushing though cause i told them that i had to b at work so they just asked me my weight i remember last year i tricked the scale to say 108 so i just told them 108 again this year. and they took my blood pressure as alwasy and i was shocked it as 130/70 its usually high but they were happy that it wasnt this time so yay for that so they didnt have to yell at me which is a good tihng cause im tired of getting yelled at all the time

i wasnt planningo n eating breakfst cause i though i was gonna b there longer then i expected ithought i was gonna have to go straight to work after but they got me out early so i had time to go home for 40 min b4 i had to leave for work

food log:
*low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal
*cup of hot blueberry tea

at work 10-3pm
*liter of water
*cup of hot blueberry tea
*vitamin water 0 acai bluberry promgrante
*cup of popcorn
*promgrante fruit bar

*2 grapes
*few twizzler nibs

* cupt of peach detox tea
*liter of water(have to drink yet)
* 7 gran bagel
*southwestern style veggie soup

i went food shopping today. i hate food shopping causei get all panicky around all those ppl but i really needed to go cause i had like nothing and i was eating my parents good which i hate to do. so i park as far away as i can for i can walk farther and burn more cals. i do that everywhere it may seem werid but its just normal for me. here is whati got at the store:

*peach detox tea bags
*8 bottles sobe life water o cals( it was dollar a bottle so i got one of each flavor they had)
*2 containers blackberries
*grape tomatoes
*low fat croutons
*dried fruit(banana and papaya)
*small container of grapes
*2 cans soup
*bagel(gave myself a lil treat)
*2 bags apples

thru out the day took over 10,000 steps which burned 248 cals
i also tanned after work ive been freezing all day so 12 min in a tanning bed warmed me up a lil and got me some good color im half italian so i tan easily

i love u all ur the best mot amazing ppl

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  1. i didnt know they make a such thing as blueberry tea =)