Sunday, June 27, 2010


so idk if iima b able to get on later so i fgure di would update now tell u whats going on and how my day si going to go

im currently sitting here all iced up literally

i got an ice pack on my right ankle with an ace bandage holeing it in place i got an ice pack on my right knee and an ice pack onmy left knee c what years of over execising does to you it hurts but its so worth it

i went tot he gym this moring i ran for 30 minutes straight at a speed of 5.0 it turned out to b 2.50 miles then iwalked for 5minutes to cool down in tota it was 2.70 miles burning a total of 230 cals

im giong to the gym again tomm as well but i think i will prob just do elly give my legs a break from the pounding i dont need my knee to go again i dont need to break my ankle once again and i dontneed ly left leg to go out either ugh life as an exeericse addcit ilove it i love the exercise i crave the exercise and it hurts while im doing it but it is so worth it in the end

today is my sis's graduation party she graduated from high school and well b going away to college in august it makes me sad and happy at the same time i happy shes going away but ima miss her so much casue we are close and we are alot aliike except for the fac ti have an ed adn she doesnt

so neway her party ima do my best with the food my mom is having meatballs(ew) lunch meat tray(gotta try and avoid that) veggie plate(yum) and pasta salad(love it will only have a lil though) but its hot as hell out here so i prob wont b to hungry for food neway and i gotta make sure i drink a shit load of alot cause im still recoverying form my heat exhaustion so i gotta b careful

food log(so far)
*sf jello cup-10
*bottle of water

*bottle of water
*2.50 mile run

after gym at home wating for party to start
*bottl eof vitamin water 0 mixed berry
* cup of hot detox tea
*vitamin water 0 mega-c(drinking it soon)

ima post a pic of the outfit im wearing today let me know what u guys think


  1. You seem to always have a low intake. Is the vitamin water good?? I always see it but I never know if I should buy it or not. I am trying to replace diet soda which I am drinking to fill me up even though I HATE soda!

    You look amazing btw and yout outfit is cute. Love your legs.


  2. have fun at the party =) spend good time with your sister before shoe goes and stay strong!

    nice outfit, cute! <3 you look gorgeous hun! :D