Thursday, June 3, 2010


ok so i watched dear john last nite i liked the book much better then the movie. i kept comparing it to the book and then getting fuckng pissed caue they changed things ugh fucker i hate when they do that. but i did like the movie i just think the book was better which that is how it usually is the book is usually better then the movie so that was to b expected.

i went for my first run today in god fuck over 2 years prob i missed it so much and it felt so good to run again well it was more like a jog still gotta b careful. ci had leg surgry hmm about 3-4 years ago my knee cap was out of place it was every painfull and for them to fix it they had to cut all the ligaments and tendons and muslce on the one side for the knee cap wwould go back in i was in a full leg brace for about a month cause i wasnt allowed to bend it at all . i was on crunches for about 2 weeks and then i could walk with one crutch and then i finally got the hang of walking with out ne. trust me walking in a full leg brace isnt easy at all. well i had months of therapy to learn how to bend it again and how to walk normaly again. i was limping for months an di sitll do limp sometimes.. well the doc said i would b able to run again so after the 6 mnoth recovery time the doc cleared me and i tried running again yeah i popped it out again but i got it back in myself and i have ran since. cause it stll does bug me and it does give out on me which causes me to either nearly fall to the ground or fall completely to the ground. yeah well i decided to try running again today i but my brace the doc gave me to support my leg on really tight and walked alil then started to run well jog acutally yeah it hurt it was tight and i did get sharp pains in it and it is grinding a lil bit now again( i dnt have ne cartilidge left in it) so i ran 2 full blocks about half mile mayb a lil less then i stopped took a breather streatched it out a ll more then decided to go again and did the 2 full blocks again. i had to b carelfy to not step in ne holes or cracks or stikcs cause they that would roll my ankle causeing me to etiher break my ankle again or fuck up my leg once again. so all ina lli ran about a mile today i dont know how many cals that burnt but prob a fair amount i will look it up later. i got ice on it now to help with the swelling and ima try running again on saturday (its thrusday here)

food log:
*cup of hot tea
*bottle of water
*cup dry bran flakes
*2 pieces light oatmeal toast

at work 10am-2pm
*cup of hot tea
*liter of water
*bottle vitamin water 0 acai blueberry promgrante
*fruit bowl( 2 small apples, 1/2 cup blueberry blackberry mix

after work 2-3pm(playing with my cousins)
*2 small bites white bread with margarine(my cousin wont eat unless im there or eat with her shes almost 4 so she didnt eat the hole time i was at work cause she watned to wait for me so i got her to eat 2 slices of white bread and i got away with on 2 small bites
*a lil bit of nerds candy( had to share them with her as well)

then i went for my run
* ran a mile
* drank a bottle of water after

dinner(havent had all of dinner yet just the preigories will make salad later)
*4 preigories
*salad(lettuce,cucumber, dried fruit)

i turned my watch off while i was running so the run doesnt affect how many steps i have taken today. so i took 7,247 steps burning 178 cals

i plan to drink at least another liter of water and a cup of tea yet tonite im sure that i might dirnk more though we iwll c

oo im excited so i ordered a shit load of books of a amazon cause im addcited to books and i jsut cant help it i need them it will take me forever to read all the ones i have to read . wlel one o fthe books i ordered came today its called "Bloodletting: a memoir or secrets, self harrm, and survival" by victoria leatham. i cant wait to read it but i should prob finish the 3 books im an currently readin atm. yesi read more then one book at a time it depends on my mood that day

love u all stay strong


  1. i havent read or watched dear john yet but i just put in my order for the book yesterday morning =) im not watching it until im through reading it. bloodletting sounds good. ive only read cut and one other i cant remember. i want to read skin game and wasted. do you SI? i used to but i was forced to stop.

    anyway glad to meat another reader! i just followed btw, im alice =) check out my blog! its my first in a while, might be a little boring :P haha

  2. yeah i refused to watch it uneili read the book as well
    they are both good but i prefer the book over th emove

    ive read cut b4 its a good book
    and yeah i SI try8ing to stop though

    i willl def check it out hun