Tuesday, June 15, 2010


ok so today i had a major craving for sherbert i mangaged to talk myself out of the sherbert and into popscicles i love popscicles and i didnt have ne so i decided after work that i would stop a tthe store and get som. um yeah so i totally forgot that i didnt have my ipod so being in the grocery store with out it was hard i was freaking out so bad i was holding my stomach an di had to keep pinching my arm to keep me calm. at the store i got:

*fruit popscicles-25 cals per bar
*creamscicles-70 cals per bar
*choc mint granola bars-90 cals per bar
*fruit snack- 50 cals per pack

i also had to go to toys r us and get a stuffed horse for my cousin yeah so i almost kille dmyself there cause of cousre in the sutffed animal section they have the horses on the top yeah so i had to stand on the bottom shelf and jump a ll to grab it they had blue and purple i wanted to get the purple one but yeah coulnt reach it so i got blue instead and yeaht he first attemp to get it didnt go to well cause i slipped right off the shelf and literally almost fell on my ass ugh y do they put hings so high like really but i finally did get it. her bday is on thursdays shes gonna b 4 so i got her the horse a ballerina barbie and some polly pockets. and we have her on thrusday so i get o give her her present on her bday yay

food log:
*banana and an apple cut up with cinnamon
*cup of hot detox tea

at work 10-5pm
*liter of water
*sobe life water 0
*cup of hot promgrante tea
*cup of popcorn
*fruit bowl(1/2 an apple, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup blackerberries)

*cup of pinapple
*salad(lettuce, 3 cherry tomates, 5 croutons, 2 dried papya chunckc, 4 pickle chips with wine vinager dressing)
*fruit popscicle
*liter of water

im def gonna drink more tonite i might have some coke zero cherry havent had ne in a while
also tookover 12,000 steps today whcih burnt 303 cals
i need tro do crunchs yet i will prob do them whil eim watching pretty lil liars

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  1. haha the incident with the stuffed horse sounds like something id do! ^__^ glad you didnt fall that wouldve hurt.

    reply: thanks for the encouragement =)