Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/13/10 cont...

ok so i bought outfits today i look semi ok in them i guess i dont know i dont have ne self esteem andm y body image is all fucked up thanx to the eating disorder that runs my life.

well i bought this becaue me and the boyfriend and hes friend are going on vacation in 2 weeks its not a long vacation its only 2 days but we are going to balitmore to c the aquarium and to just plan get away from this hell hole of a town we live in. its a 3 hour drive so we are staying over nite cause making that trip in one day isnt fun trust me we did it a few years ago.

ok so i bought these outfit for that purpose to wear them there i know im still huge and shit and i need to lose weight b4 i go but i just wanted urguys opinon on them cause i trust u guys.

its weird u can barely c my collar bones in the pics its odd cause they are usually out nicely lov emy collar bones to bad u can c them well in these pics

well here they are:


  1. did you go to kohls? :D
    I have the same bottom shirt :)
    you look cute in all those, btw.


  2. aww cute, the 3rd one is my favorite! =)

  3. I like the second one. Your body is the exactly oppossite of mine. My arms are so tiny and thin in contrary with my thighs. You look ok :-)

  4. kay- yeah i got it at kohls love that store its the only place i really shopt at

    thinxxxspo-thanx hun i love the 3rd one as well

    amelia-yeah i have muscler legs im a workout junky so i work out alot usually cardip so my legs are bigger i would love them to b smaller but i cant stop exercisng so

    i knowi need to lose more weight im still to big