Tuesday, June 22, 2010


i wanna wpork out so bad u know that feeling i feel so grossa nd fat and i want a really good extrememly exhasuting and sweat y workout but i know i know that i cant handle that right now i know that if i even try to do it i will prob just pass the fuck out and i dont need that. so ima try and do crunches later today try and get a lil something in and tomm im hoping mayb i can trya walk its suppose to b 93 degrees again tomm but im hoping if i wait til after dinner it will cool down a lil and i can get a short walk in at least and i hope i can get to the gym on thursday im in need of a run on tready of ellicaptal or combo of both

so today i decided to get a lile food weighing kitchen scale thingy i dont have one and im horrible withthe hole converiosn of ounces and grams and shit so i bought one i wanted a digital one but fuck it was $30 yeah so no so i just got a $5 one with a dial and everything it works good for me. i also got some snack bags and sharpies i deicded that tomm ima sit down and weigh out all my trail mix and dried fruit and label the bags for i have lil snack bags already made up and when i want one i can just grab one and it will b measured and everything already. ima write what it is, how many ounces.grams or cups and how many cals. today i did the speical k crakcers and the frizzled skittles i got while i was at target so those 2 are done. tomm i will work on the other things it will keep me busy

im still feeling really out of it today it sucks like i have to stay in the sc to keep me cool but then im complelty freezing but if u touch my skint its really hot. im still dizzy and weak and tired still a lil nausous and my head is still cloudy im trying to rest and relax and drink lots of water i hope this heat exhaustion passes soon.

adn to top it off my period came 2 days early whcih means i eat alil more then i wanted to 2day so ugh stupid ass period i wish ithat it would just go away but of course it wont because im on the damn pill so it will always come no matter how much weight i lose ugh

food log
*bottle of water
*cup of hot tea peach detox
*low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal
*choc chips

at work 10-5pm
*2 liters of water
*bottle of sobe 0 cal life water acai fruit bunch
*fruit bowl(apple 1/2 cup blueberries 1/2 cup blackberries)
*cup of popcorn

*liter of water
*other half of garden salald with tuna(left over from yesterday
*choc chips
*couple skittles and couple broken special k crackers

ima drink more water tonite as well and also gotta watch pretty lil liars tonite love taht new show

i finished "diary of an exercise addcit" peach freidman
it was a really good book u guys should def check it out

i also took over 10,00 steps today which burned 253 cals


  1. thats cool you can do that! ive always wanted to pre-measure all my food/drinks but i cant :/ living with people is a little rough.

  2. what kind of detox tea do you use?