Tuesday, June 8, 2010


2day was much better no panic attack at least but i was still extremely anxious and i kept pacing alot at work i coudlnt stop moving if i stopped moving then i would get fat and my sternum and chest was killing me today i hate when that happens. and godi get so out of breathe so easily now a days it literally makes my lungs just hurt and ache and i mean it they hurt its werid cause im fine when im woking out i can work out for awhile and b fine but just doing every day things is just so tiring.

food log:
*cup dry bran flakes
*2 pieces light oatmeal toast
*cup of hot tea
*bottle of water

at work 10-5pm
*liter of water
*vitamin water 0 acai blueberry promgrante
*cup of hot tea
*cup of diet coke
*fruit bowl(strawberries, mango, pinapple)

playing with my cousins 5pm-630pm
*2 twizzlers
*few bites of brownie
we played hide and seek, playedo n the slide, did some cartwheels we were outside thehole time

* baked potato
* california blend veggies(didnt eat all)
*cup of hot tea

over 11,000 steps taken burning 289 cals

i def need to drinkmore tea and water tonite i didnt drink nearly enough i need alot more. i gotta get weight on thurdays at the doc. now dont freak out its not the real doc so they shouldnt bug me about my weight its the stupid woman doc thing ugh i gotta go for my yearly exam and to buy more birth control pills but they weight me and check my blood pressue which i know will b high cause its always high. and i so lie on the form u have to fill out. they ask if u have ne unexplained weight loss or gain of more then 10 lbs i said no ha they ask what street drugs u use i say none. they ask ifu have headaches, night sweats, depression, numbness in hands and feet i said no for all of them(but really i have all of those but they dont need to know that)

im going grocery shopping tomm afterwork and after palying/babystting the cousins. i really need to go cause i dont have ne more safe food left and i desperatly need the safe food. this is what i have on my list it might change a ill but let me know what u think:

*2 bags apples
* bananas

another book i ordered came today "empty" christie pettit

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  1. These are the same things I have in my fridge except the pineapple. I have strawberries. And I admire u for drinking so much water and tea, I am almost dehidrated. Good for u :-)