Monday, June 21, 2010


heat exhaustion fucking sucks balls let me tell u its not fun at all it sucks and its hurts and ug i dont recommend it. i guess i pushed mysel fal il to hard yesterday in the heat. c it was 93 degrees plys humidity yesterday and i was outside for a lil over 3 hours washing my car. and when i wash my car i really wash it . it has to b perfect i mean spot less i washed it 4 times with soap and water then i sprayed it down again and dried the hole thing my hand then i did all the windows inside and out 3 times each and then i did the inside of my car and the tires so yeah i gave my self heat exhasution and i prob will b feeling it for a few days which means i dont b able to workout as much as i planned to this week.

im so weak im 100 times more tired then i nomrally am, nasous, dizzy head is cloudy, every step is a struggle, i go from sweating heart beating thinking ima pass out to freezinf ans shivering 2 seconds later my skin is hot to the touch even though im cold, extremely thirsty if i go from sitting to standing i get even more dizzzy. i can concentrate if my life depended onit im so out of it ugh this sucks

so word of advice dont ever get heat exhasution it takes so much out of u and i can deal with the weakness since im weak on a daily basis but this weak and tired feeling is way more intense and way worse then ne eating disorder related weakness and tiredness

ima try and run in plac a lil later got my ac on high evenhtough im cold

i go tmy hair done 2day got an inch cut off and some layers put in. also got it dyed its black on top with this darker red color underneath i absolutly love it and if i can ever get a goodpic of it i will post it its not going to well right now snce standing is an issue.

we also had my lil cousins 2day so i played with them a lil the 4 yr old wanted to so outside as soon as i stepped out i felt 50 times more worse then i did b4 but i sucked it up and played with her almost passed out a hew times 2days as well

i finished "thin" by grace bowman the other day and yesterday i read for the second time "purge: by sarar darer littman

food log:

*low suagr maple and brown sugar oatmeal
*cup of choc chips
*half a liter of water
*cup of hot peach detox tea

at work 10-3pm
*liter of water
*bottle oflipton pureleaf unsweetened tea 0 cals
*fruit bowl(apple, 1/2 cup bluberries, 1/2 cup bakcberries)

playing with my cousins
*vitmain water 0 mixed berry
* few choc chips

*vitamin water 0 recoup
*liter of water
*somle of the m&m pretzels
*half a garden salad with tuna(lettuce, pickle chipsm cucumber, cheery tomaotes, tuna, oil and vinager dressing)

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