Tuesday, June 29, 2010


yeah so yesterday wasnt one of my best day ever it was jsut so all over the place and nothing went right which makes me freak out and panic and then in a bad mood which the boy noticed right away but im dong better now just lil nasuous and chest feels funny but i prob just need to drink something or eat soemting idk im not eating yet its 530 am and the boy just left so i figured i would come on and update sincei cant later

well first off yesterday strarted off with me waking uyp with a hangover which is fine i can deal with hangovers ijust nomrally dont get them from drinking vodka the boy thinks its cause i havent drank in such a long time that my body wasnt use to it so i had a massive headache adn not aspirin to take but oncei got ot work i stole 3 aleve and 2 bottles of water an dwas all good then

but then i had to deal with work and the assfucks that i deal with im going away thrus and friday and my boss said he was gonna cover fo rme on thrusday and then another coworker was gonna cover friday yeah well my boss doesnt wanna cover thursday nemore an dmy coworker said she cant do friday nemore what a nice time to tell me thanx telll me on monday when im suppose to leave thrusday like wtf and im suppose to do aobut it now o wait yeah nuttin im not dealing with iti dont them weeks ago i was going away and its not myfault now i need a break i workmy ass off for hium i go abovea nd beyond everything i stay later come in earlier im even there on my days off which are far and far between i dont get many so he can figure it out im going away and ima spend some time with my boy i need time with him

and then to top it all off planned parenthood left a msg on my phone. i go there for birth contorl pills and for my yearly exam ive been going since i was 18 im 24 now. i went like 3 weeks ago for the yearly and more pills and they called and left a msg they normally dont do that unless soemthing is wrong i checked they msg they said can u pleasecall me back its not an emergecny hun but call us back today or tomm. so i wait il work is over at 3 needless to say im freaking out the hole time my coworker and best friend keep telling me to relax adn as soon as she walked in shes like go call them go find out. s o i did it turns out i had an abnomral pap smear and that my cell count is low they said since it was my frist abnomral one that they were gonna follow up for another year but its still scary an di did research on it causei m a dork like that its nothing now but if it doesnt get better it coudl turn in to cnancer which freaked me out cause cancer runs in the family im trying to not let it bother me right nowcuase really theres nuttin i can do about it

i told the boy about it and he didtn understand or nething but at least i told him i tired to exlain it to him it didnt go to well but i treid so o well

he wanted chips last nite so we went ou and go him some i also got single serve pack of pretzel m^&m's i didnt eat them though they are still sitting there

later today we are going tot he movies i hope he doesnt make me eat to much htere cause i really dont want too

and wed he is going out with hes friend for a lil so i can go c eclipse yes love the twilight saga but they decided to go out for a lil and he said that i could go to the movies to c it while he was out

i wen tto the gym yesterday after work ran for 30 minutes walked for 5 i ran lil over 2.50 miles and walked like ,10 more so i had like 2.75 miles all together which is good for me im starting to get use to the pian in my leg and ankle and can ignore it more an dmore each time yay for that

ok heres the paln for today

*liter of water
* sobe life water 0
*fruit bowl(banana, apple, 1/2 cup blueberries with some 45 cal yougrt and lil granola)



  1. If you're not having unprotected sex, don't get TOO concerned about abnormal pap smears. My old roomie used to get abnormal ones all the time for no reason. It's just the way her body was...some people apparently get them all the time! "Abnormal" can mean a lot of things, apparently...

  2. yeah thanx hun i know that i shouldnt worry about ityet its just scary and we do do it unprotected im on the pill but we dont use condoms or nething we've been together for 7 years so i know he hasnt been with neone else in that timeperiod but i guess i will just wait and c how it all turns out next year