Sunday, June 13, 2010


yea so well todays plan didnt go as planned food wise its going great but everything else i planned didnt work out so well

i did get up at 9am with every intention to b out of the hosue n later then 10am but my dad said he was gonng spray my room today. see my neighbors are scumbags and they have bed bugs and sicne we are connected and they have them so bad we have them too and so does the neighbors on the other side o them. im the only one in the hose that is getting bite which sucsk cause id idnt get an infection from then a month or so back and they do carry disease so i just have to becareuf. ok yeah well neway when he sprays i gotta clean my room so i had to empty out my lil mini fridge of all my food and put in in a cooler had to take all my mags and books out of my cuby hole tingy and pretty much jsut clean up a lil it was alot of work and then he took my hole bed apart so after that i had to vaccumm my hole room and the vaccum we have is heavy so that i was tired after that so he sprayed powdered and put my bed back together i put my food back in my fridge my mags back i my room and my books in my dresser(yes i use my dresser as a book self) right now all my clothes dvds cds the all the books that i have read already are in bins my life is in bins and i really cvant find a damn tihng nemore ok well neway i started that at 10 i didnt get in the shower til 3 so yeah no walk for me but i guess i got good exercise cleaning. i did manage to make it to kohls and get some things i got 3 shirts and 2 shorts and a 3 pack of boy shorts. i have pics of me trying the shirts oni will post them later i promise. after kohls i went to target had to get my cousin a bday present so i got her a barbie and some polly pockets i still need to find her a horse stuffed animal. i aslway got vitamins, eclipse soundtrack, gum, wizards of waverly palce the move. i really want the toy story movies cause damn i grew up on them but they ar expensive right now so ima try and find them cheaper on amazon.

i got stuck in the rain um like 3 times today it decided to pour like amother fucker today once after i left kohls and i had flipflops on and i cant run in those cause yeah i will falla nd i park far away so i was soaked by the time i got to the car on the drive to target it was raining ao bad u coudlnt even c where u were going but i manged to get there and get completley drenched walking from my car to the door. thank god it wasnt raining when i got out but the roads were floading damn rain so i had to becareufl driving home and i always had to go thru the biggest puddle ever driving literally had to stop the car and then like vbarley drive thru it for i woudlnt hydroplane. of course it was raining when i got homeand i got wet going to the door

my sis is so funny i was showing her the clothes i got. now remmber she is 18 im 24 we sue to b able to share clothes shes like dani i hate u ur got to small we cant share clothes nemore im a size 0 in jeans and skirts and shorts and stuff shes like a size 1-3 so we cant shre jeans and i got cute jean shorts we can still share tops those cause most of my tops are flowy but it made me so happy to know thati am smaller then her and that she is noticing and that her boyfreinds sister notices too cause she tells me all the time that ur smaller then chel and ur 24 thats not right

food log:
*bottle fo water

*cup of peach detox tea
*bottle of sobe life water 0

*salad(lettuce 3 cheery tomats, 5 croutons, 2 kosher pickles wine vinager dressing)
*apple sauce
*bottle of water

dinner(makng soon)
*fruit bowl(2 small apples, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup black berries)
* 2 slices of light oamteal toast
*prob bottle of water
*and prob cup of detox tea

i also started those acai cleanse pills damn do they work its a 14 day thing so u take 2 pills b4 breakfst and 2 pills b4 bed and they work its a cleanse so its cleaning u out and my stomach already looks and feels a lil flatter yay for that caus ei gotta b skinny skinny skinny in 2 weeks

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