Thursday, June 24, 2010


i am starting to feel a lil better ive been taking my time with food today starting off small and low cal then building up a lil as the day goes on im hoping to end at 600ish cals for the day

my throat is still killing me i most of scratch it alot yesterday it was prob a combo of that and the tositos but it hurts alot and it made it had to sleep last nite.

i have alight headache but i think that is still lingering from the heat exhastion my headache got really bad at all becaseu we got so busy and i was running back in forth between the pool the dive shop and the tan side all the phones and all the lines were ringing it was fucking crazy i prob burned a good amount of cals but still im beat

i was planning on going to my sis allstar game thing she is cheering at but the boy said if i go i have to ealve at halftime he still doesnt want me out in the heat so i decided to just stay home to clean and to run in place al il do some crunches might even run some steps if no1 is home

food log(so far)
* cup of hot detox tea
*promgranate apple sauce-50

at work 10-3pm
*liter of water
* 2 bottles of water with sugar free fruit punch mix-0
*promgrante apple sauce-50
* 17 special k crackers-90

after work snack/relaxing
*cup of hot detox tea
*half liter of water
*small apple-50
*frizzl'd skittles-170

dinner well plan for dinner still might chang emy mind
*salad-lettuce(20) tomaotes(30) croutons(30) pickle(5)
*green beans-90

thats the plan for dinner it might change depending on how i feel
well im change out of my jeans and into sweatp ants for i can run in place while wataching gilmore girls

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