Thursday, June 17, 2010


so idk if ima b able to get on later it all depends if the boy comes over or not so we will update a il now

so yesterday i kinda fucke dup after i got home from work and ended eating almost a full bag of tositos i shoudlnt buy them casue damn they are addciting i mamnged to stop myself b4 i ate them all but damn i dont even wanna think about how many cals i ate. and i was gonna wer a tighter dress to my sis's graduation that nite but yeah i had a nice food belly so i went with a baggier one u could cay it was really flowy

i took a friend advice and jogged in place half an hour b4 my sis's graduation and then i did another hour after we got home from it. i cant actually life my feet off the ground cause that would make to much noise so i always kept the balls of my feet on the ground. god it kills ur calfs but so worth it

and yesterday i also twisted my ankle not to bad well not to bad for me at least i really cant walk on flat grounds with flipflops its ok now just a lil sore

and i also decided that every mrong instead of tossing and turning and trying to sleep till my alarm goes off ima get out of bed 30 mins earlier then i usally do and go for a run it will only b about 1/2 right now till i cant get my knee a lil stronger and it might not b every morning depnends on what time i have to b at work and stuff

but i did it i got up today and ran a half mile my damn leg hurt the hole time it wasnt my friend today i could feel my knee cap just grinding but i managed to push thru it and i will ice it b4 i go to work this morning.

its also mylil coiusins bday today shes turning 4 and we have her today so my mom is making her cupcakes and my uncles is brining al il cake over for her. and sine she wont eat unless i make it for her or unless i eat with heri m porb gonna have to have some cake ugh i was planning on doing good today i will have to run in place tonite if the boy doesnt come over to work it off. i have breakfast and lunch planned out dinner all depnds on the how the cake tihngs go

*bottle of water
*cup of hot detox tea
*low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal-120
*1/2 cup blueberries-40

luch (at work)
*1/2 cup blackberries-40
*porb liter of water
*prob a sobe life water 0


  1. fuck tostitos honey! I Why are they soooo damn good?

  2. god they are evil arent they but so damn yummy ugh